Amazing Money Origami

Making a shirt of of a dollar bill is a nice trick, but it's absolutely nothing compared to what Won Park can do with money. Check out his gallery for some insanely cool folding. Even better, he's made PDFs and videos to help you make the same stuff.

Fish Instructions
Video tutorial
via Drawn!

Picture of Amazing Money Origami
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That's so cool. But it's kind of a waste of money. lol
Hey, how much would you pay for a Romulan warbird? I think a buck is pretty cheap!
Still I have better uses for a dollar : Candy bar 100 pennies fire cracker 10 click pens and for all you knexers 3/4 of a black rod.
i think i well choose the black rod
You do realize that after you make the origami you still have the money? It doesn't magically disappear.
a whole black rod is only 5 cents over a dollar.
DebH578 years ago
I agree with Dombeef, it is amazing
bounty10128 years ago
wow, that catfish is freaking awesome.
I fail at all things azn >.>
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