Amazingly Powerful SniperBow(its a cross bow sniper rifle)

this gun has insane power, mine goes around 125-150 feet on two relatively small rubber bands. i give most of the structural design, trigger and handle to drummerian and his xbow. i have simply made it more powerfull and a little nice looking.

Picture of Amazingly Powerful SniperBow(its a cross bow sniper rifle)
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joeshmoe10 years ago
wow, that looks really cool. when are you going to post the instructable? oh, and how do you load it?
iKill (author)  joeshmoe10 years ago
ok well to answer question one, i dont even know if i wanna post it, i dont feel like taking it apart. LOL, But ya to see how to load it look at drummer ians xbow you just pull the rubber bands back to the three white connectors
joeshmoe iKill10 years ago
oh, well i thought maybe i could build it but make it a bit less powerful so i could use it in a war. It looks freakin awesome, i could use one of those. i understand why you wouldn't want to take it apart though, maybe if you have alot of pieces you could make another... i shold probably stop typing now, it's getting late. oh, and thanks for replying so fast.
iKill (author)  joeshmoe10 years ago
ya, i prolly will just take it apart to show YOU but i dont wanna post instructions. When i get pictures that are clear ill post them so people can see, but im not making instructions as of right now
joeshmoe iKill10 years ago
ok, cool.thanks
joeshmoe joeshmoe10 years ago
maybe if i build it i might post instructions for it, since i don't have any instructables. of coarse i will give full credit to you though for the gun.
iKill (author)  joeshmoe10 years ago
Wow!! that looks good.
iKill (author)  Loosewire; SOE Operative10 years ago
ya not to brag but i think it might be one of the most powerful on the site. and i know you wouldnt expect that from someone who doesnt post much, but it really is good
just because you dont post much doesnt mean it cant be good
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