Ambilight controller

hey guys,

has any body tried the ambilight controller like the one here ==>
the link for the controller points to some weirdly languaged (hope thats a word "languaged") site but with no content. i am preparing my comp for fragapalooza (canada's largest lan party) so if any one has done/looked up this mod, please point to a schematic for the led controller...the controller is connected to a pc with a serial cable and has many outputs to connect chains of leds plus i think there is another power supply to power the leds (as the chains of leds are long)...any help is appreciated...

note: this is a multipost to produce results efficiently...i hope...***update: nothing after 3 days at bit-tech or

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acer739 years ago
You could use any microcontroller of your choice, it doesn't need to me a homemade one like his, try a arduino.
Slisgrinder (author)  acer739 years ago
Slisgrinder (author)  forgesmith9 years ago
so i also want to control a servo/motor for my mod, will the arduino be capable of doing it??? and how many outputs can you have(so i can put a number of devices)???can you connect more than one arduino???
Hmm, you'll have to get help from someone here who's used them, and you can just search here for arduino and find lots of Instructables on them. I'm trained more towards commercial/industrial, my idea of a small programmable controller is an Allen-Bradley Micrologix PLC. Which I think are cool.
Slisgrinder (author)  forgesmith9 years ago
ok, another question (i know i have been questioning a lot, i hope i don't get jumped by ceiling cat :D ) but what about the RCX =||= the programmable brick from lego mindstorms 2.0 =||= would that be a good substitute for arduino?

//please bear with me as i have a whole bunch of ideas going through my head and my randomness is addressing all these ideas at the same time...//
Umm, excuse me a moment.

Will someone here who has actually used these controllers please help this person out?!

Never got around to using those, sorry. PLCs, might be able to help. Arduino and Mindstorms, even Basic Stamp, no.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
hmmmm... You get directed to what I believe to be is a cable german company. I think this could be achieved pretty easy by using another Monitor port If interested I can go into detail
The website is gone and it just went back to a generic host page, well thats what I think.