America's Got Talent Judging Table Replica

Hi, I'm new here to Instructables.

I'm wondering how you would go about creating a judging table similar to that of America's Got Talent, with X's at the front, and buttons that make a loud buzz noise (similar to the show itself), and makes the X's go red. Below is an image that may help you understand what I'm talking about.


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t_m6 years ago
OK, what kind of buzzers??
t_m6 years ago
Looks easier than it is! Can you post a picture on how it turns out at the end!
caitlinsdad7 years ago
Lots of people have modded the Staples easy button to be a pushbutton switch. It should be simple to rig it up to lights and a buzzer. Since the buttons don't need to lock out the other person like on a quiz show, each would have a separate circuit. Look up the instructables for edgelit LED plexiglas signs. You just use a router or anything else to carve your design into a sheet of plexiglass. LEDs mounted in the edge would light up the design quite nicely. Good luck.
magnusson (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
Wow, those are amazing ideas. Thank you very much. However, that's a lot of information to digest. Could you perhaps give me step-by-step instructions of how I should go across doing this, as well as I what I will be needing specifically? Thanks.
Just warning you in advance, for this you will need a lot of glass/plastic and leds. You will probably need a arduino for the buzzer and X's to work and a LOT of wire. This will probably be a very expensive and time consuming project. Unless you simplify to one person table this will be complicated, but AMAZING once built.