An Alarm Clock Idea - No Lights, No Sound

I'm a pretty deep sleeper, and I don't wake up very fast in the mornings, which is bad since I ride the school bus to school. I set my alarm clock, with a high volume, but it still doesn't wake me very good. I've thought of trying to make an alarm that flashes a strobe light, something like a deaf person might use, but didn't think it would work very good. So, my idea now is to think of a way to make an alarm clock that gives pulsating shocks when it goes off. I have absolutely (well, 99%) no idea how to connect it up, nor how to produce the shocks. I'm thinking a shock with high voltage, but low current, like static electricity. I figure that should wake me. Do y'all have any ideas, or better suggestions? Also, do you think that the shocks (if usable) would cause any dangerous effects on my health? Thanks!

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Pale_Flyer7 years ago
take a buzzer alarm, a Van De Graf generator, a relay, or two, some wire and something to use as a contact plate. open the alarm, and remove the buzzer, hook in the relays to the buzzer wires. put the van de graf on a timer set like 20 min or so b4 you want to be up, connect a wire to the van de graf and the relay, with the other part of the relay to the contact plate that is in contact with you, find a way to ground the other part of the contact plate, (plate actually needs to have two parts that will not allow for shorting/ arcing without you making a connection) and go to sleep, in the morning, ZZAAAPPPPP!!!!!! you get a very high voltage, but almost non existant shock. you will feel something! happy morning to you. I claim no responsibility if you blow something up in you circuit, or injure yourself. you may want some diodes for the system so you dont back feed electricity, and at least one surge protector soly for this...
PKM9 years ago
In winter when I was at school I swore by a large, daylight-spectrum 72 watt fluorescent light. It was like an artificial window, that thing seriously put out some light. I had it on a time switch to wake me up at the right time. It would be better if you could make it fade on gradually over the course of about 20 minutes, but this way was a "short sharp shock" (like a bucket of cold water in your eyes).

It really depends if you want a gradual complete wakeup (fading lights on, temperature change etc.) or a very certain instant wakeup (loud alarms, electrocution). A good idea for a slow wakeup might be an electric blanket (do you have those?) on a timeswitch- set to the highest setting, it would gradually heat the bed up until it was uncomfortably warm, at which point I'm sure you would wake up.

If you are set on the electrocution thing, it would be very irresponsible of me to point out that certain devices are available that deliver safe but painful electric shocks, and I definitely shouldn't suggest you experiment with linking these to your alarm clock.

So don't.
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its a lion10 years ago
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Not only do you get up, but so does your cholesterol !
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Nameless379 years ago
Get a plug timer, like the ones people use for christmas lights, get a motor, and fill a bucket of water every night above your bed. When the time comes, the timer goes off, the motor starts, the rope on the bucket pulls and pours the water on you, you should take a shower every morning anyway so you should be good.
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