An video of Sparkling Wheel (Fireworks)

One of our member had uploaded a video of Sparkling Wheel, I am not sure if it's a popular effect? show here to share with all. Http://

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Nothing is more dangerous than sparklers and fireworks, sparklers are extremely sensitive and even the smallest sparklers can blow up whole cities.
what the **** are you talking about-sparklers can blow up but a whole city, c'mon get a brain
Can I have one?
victorwu (author)  tickytickytackytac10 years ago
Why did you said this,sir, you know, in fact it's not dangerous like your said, the real dangerous thing is that somebody used it unappropriately and get fireworks a wrong impression.
They are dangerous, I was a fireworks expert. The gun powder on the sparkler is very sensitive, it can be detonated if you even drop the sparkler firework. What do you knwo about fire works? NOTHING! Because you have not been in any pyrotechnics experience.
Are you mental?!?!?
In you time as a 'fireworks expert' did a firework accidently shoot up your nose and fry your brain / remove a large portion of it? Do you have recollections of your past that involve people in white coats? L
Ticky, we all read your highly uninformed post on explosives, and its very easy to see that you know almost nothing about explosives. Please top posting BS under the guise of being an "expert." I admit I am not an expert (this does not mean I know nothing, it means I don't have professional training/experience - there is a difference), but even with my limited knowledge of explosives, I can quite clearly tell you have no idea what you're talking about.

Lets explore some of your utterly uninformed spam from this thread as well as your comments here:

"Match heads are also as unstable as gunpowder, it can even ignite under it's own weight."
Ever shaken a box of matches?

"Molotov cocktails are often used in the army"
What army is this?

"Black powder is a high explosive and can be detonated with a slight impact of a feather."
It seems that as a fireworks expert, you'd know the definition of high explosives and detonation. Gunpowder is not a high explosive and does not detonate.

"Gasoline is a high EXPLOSIVE, it just takes a spark to detonate"
Again with the high explosive and detonation crap. It would seem an expert would know what these words mean.

"Thermite can detonate"
Yet again. *sigh*

"even the smallest sparklers can blow up whole cities"
Where do I get these sparklers that have the power of a nuclear bomb?

Quit spamming the forum with your BS. Even with my limited knowledge, I know your complete idiot when it comes to explosives knowledge
victorwu (author)  tickytickytackytac10 years ago
tickytickytackytac, I am not sure if you are a real fireworks expert. The Sparkling Wheel fireworks can be used on the stage, it's one of stage/smokeless fireworks and almost hasn't any harm. That's true. Please see the below URL:
You sir, are a dumbass. Sparklers do NOT have gunpowder. Gunpowder can be a variety of powders. Sparklers nor Gunpowder does not detonate. Sparklers are relatively safe. Those are all FACTS! NOT BS.
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