Here are some of my pets i have i still missing one of my cats (not in real life i mean a picture) UPDATE i took three more pictures of jack

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Doctor What10 years ago
Your dog is tied to that post... Depression.
Sunbanks10 years ago
:D They're so cute! I like your bunny.
Nice topic, Fender! :-D Your puppy is soooo cute, I love it! :) What kind of dog is he? these are not all my pets, but these are mostly My pets. The ducks are completely my responsibilty, and the dogs are sort of a family pet... The deer head? welllll.... he's mine too. Low maintenance pet! :-P In the pic where I am holding the duck, that is Ralph. I got him at 2 days old, on June 8, 2006, and he is the sweetest duck. He knows his name, and answers you to it. He will answer questions by quacking, and he will fallow you. He also comes to "Ralphy" and "food!" Lol The pic of the 2 ducks in the grass- Those are my resqued ducks. The one on the far right had been abused, and neglected. She has a permanent limp leg from being chased by a four-wheeler (and repedatively chased by people who hated her) When I got her, she was not more then a week away from dieing. Her name is Daphney, and she's the coolest duck! She is still quite afraid of humans, but has warmed up to me quite a bit. She and Ralph get along good together. I've had her since 2 days past when Ralph's mate died. (I'll tell u about that in a min) Sooo...had her since May 18, 2007. And then Lafayette-beside her on the left. I got her as just a baby, from the same person who abused Daphney. Lafayette has more of the "I'll do what I want and walk where I leave me alone" attitude. But it's funny and I love her. Then the pic of Melvin the deer head.... I did not take any part in shooting that poor deer! I got it as a Christmas present about 3 years ago... so the pic is decently old. And yes I know... I have a stray eye... Lol Then there's the pic of my shoes and the ducks... In order left to right- Lafayette, Daphney, and Ralph. The pic of the ducks in the barn- Well before I got Lafayette and Daphney, I had a pet duck named Rasmussen, which Ralph had grown up with, since birth. Unfortunately, a fox had gotten to her on May 16, 2006. He acted soo sad to have Rasmussen gone. I mean Ralph would walk up to the house steps, and call for me until I'd come outside, then he'd aimlessly lead me around the yard, to all of his favorite spots that he went to with Rasmussen. It was the most heartbreaking thing in the world for me to see! But I see now, that God had a plan- to save Lafayette and Daphney and to show them what a happy life could be. After all, they'd never had anything but abuse... and Rasmussen had fullfilled her life with it all evened out. (Btw- that is Rasmussen on the left and Ralph on the right) The pic of the dog- That's Mindy the Schnoodle! laying on me lol She's 3 years old. Annnd...Mindy w/ a hat on. Gotta love it! Then there's the pic of both Mindy and my poodle- Stimpy. Stimpy is 14 years old. Pretty old dog :( Otherwise... we've got numerous amount of gerbils, 3 parakeets, and a tank of fish (then also the fish in the lake)
Metal4God (author)  White_Feathers10 years ago
well your ducks are cute and sorry that they were abused and my dog/puppy he's a chocolate lab and hes turning a year old this Thursday. I have a comment about the deer. Why is the Cigaret in his mouth! love your puppy's Let me guess? there a labradoodle
Thanks! :) The deer- I shoulda explained before, I'm sorry I forgot! lol Well, you know those candy cigarettes? (Sure you do, you wanted to make um) I used to have a pack of those, so I taped one to his mouth cuz it looked funny. Believe me, the last thing i'd ever wanna do is smoke. It's gotta be the most disgusting thing! My puppy Mindy is a Schnoodle. (Poodle and Schnauzer) and my dog Stimpy is a poodle. :-D
It and the cap, kind of make the deer look French LOL You almost can hear him say: "oui oui Madame"
LOL! dude you're totally right, hahaha I should give him a lil' french mustache too, eh?
Metal4God (author)  White_Feathers10 years ago
I see you like horses. am i right?
oh yes, I loveeee horses. :-D don't have one though. heh How could you tell, the border on my wall?
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