Analog Fading LED

Hello - I am brand new to electronics but am trying to learn about BEAM and other art + science circuits. I am looking to make a small analog circuit to fade in and out a LED. I have looked online but have found a bunch of ones using a 555 timer or a PWM and other chips. I saw a reference to doing this slow fade in and out technique using only capacitors and resistors but have been unable to find a diagram. Can someone help me out. FWIW - I am looking to charge this using solar and am only looking to drive one LED. Ideally a days charge would last a few hours of fade in and out cycling with the cycle time being slow - somewhat like the Mac "Sleeping" LED. Thank you in advance.

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Brosiman9 years ago
Hello,don't know if you managed to get it to work but here's a circuit from the BEAM group. ps:circuit courtesy of Ross.
astable pummer.JPG
Hey, this circuit looks great! I will try it as wanted to do same effect with some LEDs. Do you know where this circuit was found (book, website?)
toddbg (author)  Brosiman9 years ago
Thanks Snailwatcher. Can you shoot me the link to the BEAM group? I appreciate it.
Brosiman toddbg9 years ago
No problem,here it is:
Right now I'm building this circuit,so I'll let you know if this works for me.
toddbg (author)  Brosiman9 years ago
hey snailwatcher - thanks for the link - btw, went looking for parts and could not find the VR1 47k. That is a 47k voltage regulator - and not a straight up resistor yes? Thanks again.
Brosiman toddbg9 years ago
No,it should be a variable resistor,potentiometer.
R0B0_Ninja8 years ago
This one work ok.. with the fading was longer. I used a 3300cap 150 resistors on 12V
Isn't this missing something like a transistor? L
IDK but it works
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