Analyse me!

Elsewhere, another, well-respected, ibler referred to himself as having a kiteman like attitude for a few days.

What on Earth does that mean?

What is my attitude? I wasn't aware of having one.

Go on. Be honest.

(And should I use this image as my new avatar?)

Picture of Analyse me!
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do not use it
Kiteman (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox8 years ago
Dude, check the post-dates!
oops *hits self on head*
Dude, now you've double-bumped it....... Oh, crap! I've doub...... Nevermind!
Jaycub8 years ago
Conventional, unwilling to actualy consider ideas about new energy sources but quick to attack them. Probably believes in evolution. Generaly polite.
Um...he doesn't attack them. He considers them and tells you why they won't work. And yes, he does believe in evolution. And is generally polite.
Evolution is fake.
seconded and God is the inventor of science and kiteman! and The whole piont is that He is not scientifficly provable but you believe by faith
PKM Jaycub8 years ago
[citation needed]
Kiteman (author)  PKM8 years ago
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