Anarchy and teens

What the deuce is with these teenagers and anarchy? Is pure evil and chaos what they want, and are attracted to? What the deuce do they want? I know most will stop being anarchists (not truly) eventually, but is it a trend, a cult, a what? Comments will be most appreciated my fellow insructa-users

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HammE3 years ago

For being a teen myself, I am an anarchist. Not the kind that smashes windows causing chaos, spray painting the anarchy symbol (which actually isn't what people think it is, explanation later) but I am an anarchist that wants a stateless society with no rulers (not no rules: no rulers). Anarchism isn't calling the cops "Fascist pigs" but helping out people and accepting people for who they are. Of course we will never have the so-called perfect society, but that is so unrealistic it's not even funny!

Anarchism is people helping out others. It's basically everyone being equal, so basically meaning no individual is higher up than someone else. And about the symbol, it is actually the letter O symbolizing order, and the A means anarchism. Basically all together it means anarchism is order.

Sorry for the comment being so long and horribly written, I'm just getting my ideas out.

bumpus9 years ago
hahah, i just bought it at a yard sale a week ago, its a good read


PKM KentsOkay9 years ago
You know you can read it, in all its outdated, error-filled glory online, don't you?
bumpus PKM9 years ago
Its not the same one, the online version was written by "The Jolly Rodger" the book, as pictured, was written by William Powell
PKM bumpus9 years ago
Ahh.. I never knew that, I have been maligning this book incorrectly. Is the print version any better?
bumpus PKM9 years ago
a lot more text, i would recommend reading the book, its rather interesting
You can Download a pdf of it almost anywhere on the internet...
I think (if I remember right)Powell renounced the original work and sued the publisher. Subsequent copies have his name removed. That being said, my kids and I like the ACB, but it should be approached with EXTREME caution.
not necessarily, just don't do the illegal stuff in there... as i was telling jessyratfink, it has some interesting views on before and during the Vietnam war, which was when it was written and published.
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