Anarchy and teens

What the deuce is with these teenagers and anarchy? Is pure evil and chaos what they want, and are attracted to? What the deuce do they want? I know most will stop being anarchists (not truly) eventually, but is it a trend, a cult, a what? Comments will be most appreciated my fellow insructa-users

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HammE1 year ago

For being a teen myself, I am an anarchist. Not the kind that smashes windows causing chaos, spray painting the anarchy symbol (which actually isn't what people think it is, explanation later) but I am an anarchist that wants a stateless society with no rulers (not no rules: no rulers). Anarchism isn't calling the cops "Fascist pigs" but helping out people and accepting people for who they are. Of course we will never have the so-called perfect society, but that is so unrealistic it's not even funny!

Anarchism is people helping out others. It's basically everyone being equal, so basically meaning no individual is higher up than someone else. And about the symbol, it is actually the letter O symbolizing order, and the A means anarchism. Basically all together it means anarchism is order.

Sorry for the comment being so long and horribly written, I'm just getting my ideas out.

bumpus8 years ago
hahah, i just bought it at a yard sale a week ago, its a good read


PKM KentsOkay8 years ago
You know you can read it, in all its outdated, error-filled glory online, don't you?
bumpus PKM8 years ago
Its not the same one, the online version was written by "The Jolly Rodger" the book, as pictured, was written by William Powell
PKM bumpus8 years ago
Ahh.. I never knew that, I have been maligning this book incorrectly. Is the print version any better?
bumpus PKM8 years ago
a lot more text, i would recommend reading the book, its rather interesting
You can Download a pdf of it almost anywhere on the internet...
I think (if I remember right)Powell renounced the original work and sued the publisher. Subsequent copies have his name removed. That being said, my kids and I like the ACB, but it should be approached with EXTREME caution.
not necessarily, just don't do the illegal stuff in there... as i was telling jessyratfink, it has some interesting views on before and during the Vietnam war, which was when it was written and published.
I agree. I appreciate the political/historical discussion in the prologue. When I say Extreme caution, I'm talking about the explosives, incendiaries, and such. The instructions are decent, but if you're not trained in those things, you might not know all of the fine points of blowing stuff up and burning stuff down. Trust me, sometimes even great ideas leave you with no eyebrows and partial deafness!
hmm, maybe that's why I'm 16 and still don't have hair on my one leg...
KentsOkay PKM8 years ago
.... WHERE!?!?!??!
You can Download a pdf of it almost anywhere on the internet...
Plasmana bumpus7 years ago
bumpus Plasmana7 years ago
Sunbanks bumpus8 years ago
Do it!!
here 'nuff said
Please with a cherry on top!
?? What is it?
a book
a cookbook for destruction of the economy and government
=SMART= bumpus8 years ago
wait a cookbook for food ?
bumpus =SMART=8 years ago
no, defiantly not
Patrik bumpus8 years ago
Huh - that's one of the few times I've seen that typo used correctly! ;-)
bumpus Patrik8 years ago
yeah, I er....planned to do that, yeah thats it


theburn7 (author)  Labot20018 years ago
how is that cool, and why? that is the question
It's cool that the call it an Anarchy "Cookbook"; it contains "recipes" for destruction of government. It's cool how they themed it.
Whenever we get that into work it always sells instantly. I've actually never gotten to look at it. I'm always just like, "OMG ANARCHIST COOKBOOK! SOMEONE WILL BUY THIS FOR 20 BUCKS!! YAY!!"
It's not worth reading, it's outdated and dangerous trash that has very little to do with the point of anarchy.
i think its just something different to read
I would suggesting reading it, its a pretty good book, *interesting view points of pre-veitnam war*


isn't that book illegal or something?
actually i think it is illegal
nope, the book itself isn't illegal, you can get it at various bookstores
no, almost everything in it is illegal
frenzy5 years ago
When i was younger and first hearing about anarchy it was from the punk scene. I'm an inquisitive person though so i did research before taking on a new philosophy.

Now that i'm older i have a much more developed understanding of anarchist theory, and it's the only thing that makes any sense to me.

If you're interested in anarchist theory, take a look at this : http://www.black-rose.com/articles-liz/intro-@.html

also chaos =! anarchy, a pure definition of anarchism is "a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society"

Some might believe that a stateless society would breed chaos, and in there lies a good debate.
skunkbait8 years ago
I'll have to say that most kids who wear the "anarchy symbol" don't even understand what it means. Anarchy can be political, or situational. Anarchism has been attached to alot of things over the years, from the Haymarket Riot, to Sacco and Vanzetti, all the way to Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols. It was also frequently seen as a means to further communism/marxism, by destruction of "the establishment". In a perfect (read impossible) world, lack of government control (political anarchy) would not be such a problem. Realistically though, there are entirely too many people (and groups of people) willing to abuse the absence of law and governmental control. Do I hate outside governmental interference? Absolutely! How would this world be without any restraint upon the selfish, uncooperative and ignorant masses? Not so good. Most current "anarchism" is a fad, latched onto by kids who don't understand it. All they know is that it gets attention and infuriates the powers that be. True political anarchism is just not practical be cause of humanities inadequacy to behave itself. If you've ever lived in a "might-makes-right" society, you will understand.
you know? your absolutely right. most teens who latch on to the "fad" of anarchism dont completely understand it. i, on the other hand, do. and it enfuriates me that people wear the anarchist order symbol without truely believing/understanding what anarchism is really all about. and really, i know there are some people who wear it AND believe it (such as myself) and my appologies to whoever that may be, but there are people who just say they're anarchists and wear it because they think its "cool" or that it will make them "cool". once again my appologies to whoever this offends.
I don't wear it anymore. I did for years, but after seeing a few to many "posers" wearing them, I bailed.
This comment is a little late, I suppose, but have you read The Man Who Was Thursday?
No, but I think my sister mentioned it.
Yeah, it's worth reading. Some good ideas relating to the topic of anarchy.
I'll try to give it a read. I'll see if I can find it online. I have like 2000 books, but I rarely read paper anymore.
Chesterton is always worth reading.
How about some Emma Goldman.
theburn7 (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
All of that is what i thought, i needed a confirmation, thank you skunkbait
Exactly. It seems that people know that it's a symbol of rebellion, and they want to rebel, but they don't really know what they're rebelling against. Similarly, I know a guy at my school who scratches pentagrams into everything. Particularly, in the theater, he will take a utility knife and engrave them into wood and paint, or use a Sharpie. Clearly, he does not know what they really mean, since depending on his audience, he identifies himself as either atheist, Satanist, or pagan. He knows that it will get a reaction, and that's all he really wants.
I've never understood the anarchy bit. My first boyfriend and I were completely into punk culture, and he got swept off his feet by the idea of anarchy really quickly. A lot of the kids did, honestly. I just could never believe that it would work to anyone's benefit. I think anarchy is just something that sounds good for people that hate being told what to do and have no idea how governments actually run. :P
Jessy, It's hard to believe you were ever "completely into punk culture". I for one am certainly glad you "saw the light". But it would be interesting to see a punk stuffed robot doll. LOL
Keith-Kid8 years ago
Krusty Krab Unfair!
Mr. Krabs is in there!
Standing at the concession!
Plotting his oppression!

{ Music Starts Up }

I will restore the working man to his rightful glory!

I will dismantle this oppresive establishment board by board!

I will saw the tables of tyranny in half!

Gnaw at the ankles of big business!

Squidward will be so proud!

Gjdj3 Keith-Kid8 years ago
Lol. Spongebob.
PKM8 years ago
I saw a youngish teenager on a train, covered in anarchist symbols and german flags and studded leather and all that, complain to the conductor that a homeless guy with a dog had sworn at him. Not threatened him, not come near him, not caused him any sort of actual disturbance- just sworn at him.

Raaa anarchy crush the system f*** the government we want independence while it suits us and we don't have to leave our affluent middle-class comfort zone.

That's pretty much my impression of teenage "anarchists". Some teenagers are anarchic, in that they have no respect for law and order and feel that they can do whatyever they want, but that's not the same as anarchy. Sadly they don't seem to understand that their repeated petty (or not-so-petty) thefts and other crimes wouldn't get them a fine or community service in an anarchist society, they would instead probably get lynched and killed. Oh well- most of them seem to grow out of it.

Perhaps we could learn a lesson from the Amish? Give your kids proper discipline until they are just about old enough to learn for themselves about responsibility and the consequences of their actions, then take them completely off the leash and let them do absolutely whatever they want for a while.

Sorry- end of rant.
theburn7 (author)  PKM8 years ago
neat story
whatsisface8 years ago
Why must people use "what the deuce?" all the time? It's really quite irritating, for me at least.
maybe they think it's quite quaint.
Possibly, but i've never even heard the most quintessential of englishmen say it. I've only heard it on family guy.
I've only read it in Biggles. =)

-but considering "Family Guy's" popularity I guess that's it.
Kiteman ll.138 years ago
I say it sometimes, but I did have a whole shelf of Biggles books as a child.

I also say "what the devil?", "Ye gods and little fishes!", "Let's give 'em what-for, eh chaps?" and "never mind, it's not their fault that they're American".
I use "Let's give 'em what-for, eh chaps?" as well as "Hey, it's a thingie! A fiendish thingie! " and "This place reminds me of Blackburn, Lancashire".

Double points for knowing the origin of the last two without google

First thoughts are The Goodies, but, since you're a Colonial trying to be obscure, I'd say Monty Python.
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago

Oh, no, it's those four.
:D Best films ever.
Double points for knowing the origin of the last two without google

Now I have to look them up =P
ll.13 Kiteman8 years ago
shweet, do you still have any for your kids? last time I checked we have 19(out of 90 odd) 0.o
Kiteman ll.138 years ago
They're mostly in a box in the garage somewhere. #1 son has tried a couple, but they're not to his taste.
Labot has link for Kiteman.
Well it's basically a fascination with independence and rebellion, anarchy is often associated with such things since it's about not having a central government at all, burning the establishment if you will... Of course the kids like it because of the rebellion bit, however most of them have no idea what it means, my mum works in youth arts, they recently started a new campaign of youth arts using the name youth anarchist arts, also falling in well with their yava name, the whole thing identifies well with them because of the anarchy aspect but the leaders are there to facilitate, not control, the kids have creative control of the projects start to finish, it works out nicely... That's anarchy on a small scale, like think of it as no teacher in a class and we all learn on our on terms, but then there wouldn't be a class, a school... In the real world anarchy can't work, it's too idyllic, however I personally feel that to some extent the ideals of anarchy should be brought in to the everyday, to help keep the government from having control over everything, a government should never be more powerful than the sum total of it's people in my opinion...
Adults do a lot of anarchic things as well....
When were good just close your eyes, so when we're bad we'll scar your minds.
That is an unfair generalization. Teenagers are very maligned, IMHO.
Goodhart8 years ago
In a word: independence After having lived under the Supreme rule of parents for 12-18 years or longer, it is a natural reaction that all rule is wrong; sort of a sling shot effect of being, as they would see it, held back for so long.
In a word: independence


I usually don't disagree with you Goodhart, but anarchy and independence are two completely different things.
I didn't mean they were, I meant one was used to achieve the other. One "rebels against all authority", that is, attempts to obtain to self rule, in order to achieve their independence......and eventually they will learn just how dependent we all are on each other. :-)
Ooooh, I see now. =]