Anatomy Questions

Quiz! Q. How many bones does an adult have?   A. 206!  Q. How many bones does a baby have?  A. 300!

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Sorunome5 years ago
some dissolve?
Tee hee, no, no, it's not like that. They just fuse together as a child grows, adults have the same overall "bone structure" so to speak. So what counts as 2 or 3 or so many separate bones in a child only counts as 1 in an adult.
As you have so clearly demonstrated. Well done!
No, every bone in a baby doesn't have a pair it fuses with. The skull is made up of 3 parts IIRC, but many bones don't fuse
You're right, it is actually 4 parts that fuse if you do not count the occipital.
Yeah, I meant 5 parts if you don't count the occipital. :-P
FM, apparently he doesn't....
do you even know anatomy? lol
lemonie5 years ago
A quiz doesn't work if you give people the answers with the questions, unless it's multiple-choice.
And a good quiz usually has more than two questions.

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