And I was having the most fantastic day......

Really I was, I got into work, and had no real tasks to accomplish since my mentor was home sick and his boss was sick. Except she was so sick she asked me to do her job. So I got to spend 9 hours escorting 4 PE's all over to different locations. Climbing on roofs, crawling through mechanical rooms. digging things up, getting wet and dirty, all while trying to maintain a professional appearance.  I loved it!  I can't even express how much I love going to work, being an engineer is awesome.

But then I got home to discover a microburst had hit our neighborhood. And was filled with anticipatory dread as I noticed the 65 foot oak in front of my house was no longer visible over the neighbors roof line.

Well, the pictures below speak for themselves, there was only one way this thing could fall and NOT hit something, and it fell just that way. And if I hadn't been home late from work, my much loved truck would have been right under the trunk.

Picture of And I was having the most fantastic day......
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caarntedd6 years ago
Way to cheat death!
DJ Radio6 years ago
Well now you can cut up that tree and make an awesome instructable.
Tool Using Animal (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I'm letting the pros do it, I don't have a chainsaw with a six foot blade.

No Title
Well as long as you can make something awesome with all that wood.
Tool Using Animal (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I kept 7 logs for growing Shiitake mushrooms and a 70lb chunk of spalty wood for making pens. the rest is at the dump. Also had them take out my Pindo palm, which I will miss more, the fruits were delicious macerated in vodka.
craftyv6 years ago
I know how it feels. A neighbour recently cut down a stand of trees and I cried, It was so sad.
As long as it didn't hit any homes, you're lucky. Maybe it's time to plant a nice orange tree?
My condolences on the loss. At least no one was injured. I can't tell for sure what species the tree is but it appears to be quite large. Would there be any lumber value in it?
It's a laurel oak, so not really, they grow fast and die young, mostly used for pulp, not timber.

It is amazing how wet the wood is, we had 3 inches of rain monday after 45 days of drought, then when the storm came through wednesday, all that extra water weight just helped drop it. The wood is literally dripping from the saw cuts it is so wet.

Kiteman6 years ago
Sad though the loss of the tree is, you now have an awful lot of free wood.

I expect to see an Instructable entitled "How to properly season oak" very soon.
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