And now I'm left feeling slightly empty

Finals are OVER! And I should be ecstatic, but I'm just exhausted. I had Fluids, knocked that mutha outta the park. Modeling Methods (ugh!) think I did good, even a zero on the final would still net me a B in the class. Circuit analysis (yech), somewhere between a 60-90 in that class, the class was incomprehensible, the online test was broken and you can't learn with 220 people chatting over the prof. and lastly Machine Design- I'm worried about that one, I had a 90% going into the final, but I forgot to put J & I for a solid shaft on my formula sheet, oops, that cost me a shaft design problem, and when the heck did we cover welding? dammint. Next up Vibrations, Heat Transfer, Mech Properties of Materials and CadCam. BUT!!!! in between, well I have an interview tomorrow, I'm undecided on if that is a good thing, and then it's a week of floating around the Caribbean. Woot! And I'm now a member of Tau Beta Pi, which I'm pretty darned proud of. But FINALS ARE OVER!!!! No more spending until 1am in the library until we're all so tired we can't even read the problems. YEA!!!!!! nap time.

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kelseymh8 years ago
You must be an ME major! Just remember, all this learning to do stuff is well and good, but in the real world, you can always look s**t up in Machinery's :-) What's the interview for? Job or grad school? Either way, good luck!
Tool Using Animal (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
I know, it kills me, every ME tells me the same thing, they also tell me that yes, they felt inadequately prepared by school too. It's an internship, need to make some cash, it's a small local company, makes lens making machines, it's not quite a good fit for me, since I've not had the CadCam yet, but I'll go see tomorrow. All my friends work at Lockheed, $18.50 an hour to sit and stare at cubical walls, but I'm not overly motivated by money, not enough for a 3 hour daily commute.
Never mind the money, what about the chance to tunnel out of the cubicles and play with loud fast things?

Maybe they have a spare Blackbird lying around?
Tool Using Animal (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Only if you have the right keycard, went on a tour a couple weeks ago (though ASME) place hasn't changed since my dad worked there (and took me once) in the 80's, at one point the ME giving the tour put his hand on a piece of equipment and said "This is the Tads/PNVS, one of our best selling items for the last 25 years" gave me a lump in my throat since that was a project my father worked on when he was there. Coolest thing, they have a centrifuge buried 50 feet beneath the materials testing lab, can spin a 300lb test item at 300 g's, powered by a 500 Hp electric motor and a 400Hp hydraulic motor. I also like the rapidprototyping lab, and the gave us each a rook to take home.
Tads/PNVS? Like on the Apache? Sweet!

(And you'll have to work on getting the rest of the chess set while you're there.)
Tool Using Animal (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Yep, the Apache, I'll be applying to Lockheed when I get back from vacation. The interview I had today was a disaster.
Disasters are relative - just because you felt you could do better, that does not mean you failed. I walked out of my A-level physics exam (last exam before university education) convinced I'd failed. I got an 'A'.

General hint I was given, though, for future interviews, if you don't feel it went well, at the end, have the nuctables (I love our new word) to ask for a moment to express yourself (say how you feel the interview wasn't reflecting your true potential or ability, blame it on nerves that you don't normally suffer, but you don't normally find yourself interviewing for a position that is so important to you etc).

The worst you can do is make the interview a couple of minutes longer, but you may save something from the mess.
Tool Using Animal (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
I do appreciate the advice, and I could have done better, but the disaster was when he described my job duties, and included mowing his yard and taking his car to the shop for repairs. I couldn't keep my feelings off my face at that point. Yes I'm looking for an internship, but not the level of internship a communications major would receive. at least treat me as a aspiring professional, not a personal assistant.
I'm surprised the company would allow him you use employee time for personal tasks like that. Unless it's a really small company.
yeah he was the president ;-)
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