And you thought pump-action guns were cool...TVIKT entry

 Well you obviously haven't seen the Knetix L-SAR prototype.  The lever-system assault rifle introduces a whole new concept that can easily be improved (in fact, I need some ideas on how to get it to pull back further, so if you have any, leave a comment).  It being a prototype, it does not perform well at all, so I made removable firing pins-one that gets about 45-50 feet with one rubber band, but you have to pull it back manually, and one that you use the lever to pull back, but only gets about 15 feet, and is very unreliable (I explain that more in the video).  It also introduces a new magazine that is also very innovative, being a top loading mag with an internal pusher-kind of like ironman69's with the bendy rod, but still it's own thing.  I  am very proud of this gun and I hope that people can come up with ideas to increase the pull-back capacity of the lever, so it can perform as well as with the manual pin.  Here is the video link:

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tytiger336 years ago
Got any internal pics of this?
ninjusk8 years ago
dude post

Kinetic (author)  ninjusk8 years ago
Ya I'm planning on it I just don't have the peices to improve it and I had wanted to do that before I posted it. 
You could buy individual parts off of  I got about 350+ parts for 30 bucks not including shipping. 
Kinetic (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Ya but I try to get them off of ebay since you can get maybe 1500 peices there for around $30 .  I'm low on money so I try to get the best deals I can.
I once got the best deal off Ebay ever! I got 3500 pieces for $15! No pieces broken at all as well.
Kinetic (author)  Hiyadudez8 years ago
Dam you got lucky.  I once got 2000 for 20 i think but you completely scammed that person lol 
Yeah, but on the description of the knex it said that he has long grown out of his knex and he was selling it cheap and fast.

Maybe he was fleeing the country...
Kinetic (author)  Hiyadudez8 years ago
hey, im mexican >.>
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