Android-controlled Android statue

Hideyuki Takei and Reo Matsumura have made this very cool Android statue that can be controlled by an Android app. Very nice.

via MAKE

Picture of Android-controlled Android statue
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dombeef7 years ago
It really sounds like r2d2
i know, thats what i was thinking. Maybe it's R2D2's hot daughter...yeah, thats it.
But isnt that a no gender robot
im sure its just wearing clothes or something, because that daughter is HAWT.
Its gotta be R2D2's daughter
Lol yeah, but then who is the mother?
ladygaga7 years ago
I WANTZ! NAO!! hehe. This is really cool. Wish I had one.
Nayler7 years ago
For every Android owner/ user, this is a MUST have :) Nice work :)