Animal Camouflage in PopSci

Check out this neat slideshow of insane examples of adaptive camouflage I found on PopSci!
It's really incredible stuff.

Example: Alaskan tundra shot - can you find the rock ptarmigan?

It's round, and slightly right of center.

Picture of Animal Camouflage in PopSci
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lemonie8 years ago
I have a low opinion of PopSci magazine I think it's the "pop" aspect that does it. But no, I can't see the bird - unless it's the round-ish-object lower right?

Yeah, the old Popular Science format was always interesting....their changes to imitate maker magazines and forums isn't so nice.
It's the dodgy-advertising in the print version that puts me off (and shallow content) L
Kaiven9 years ago
ptarmigans are interesting. In the winter, the birds turn white, so thry are once again camouflaged.
you have an awesome user name
=SMART=9 years ago
wait.... dont you guys have morphing/colour-changing abilities ??? no ? ah well guess its just me 'n the bird..
i don't need camouflage, i've got ninja skillz...
Mad Skillz - I haz dem
no, u haz camo skillez... i haz ninja skilez...
Yes, they can change to white during the winter.
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