Animal senses better than ours???

We all know dogs, lions and other Beast can hear/see/smell a 100 times better then we can but can animals taste better than we can? Just randomly thought of this when i was reading the life of Pi.

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i make shooting things (author) 9 years ago
Post your comments. any thing thats relevant to the topic or the life of Pi.
...Yeah thats right i said 6 what are u gona do about it..
We only have 5 senses, as far as I was taught.
"It like I have a fifth sense or something." "You mean sixth sense." "No fifth sense. The sixth sense is smell, and you're lucky if you get that one." Random sitcom quote you just reminded me of, lol. Too bad I can't seem to remember which show it's from.
We have way more than 5 senses:

Taste, smell, hearing, sight, pain, cold, heat, pressure, time, thirst, hunger, balance and joint-position spring to mind, but there are more.

(Pain, cold, heat and pressure are usually lumped together as "touch", but they are actually different senses - Try step 5 and see.)
It's still just the sense of touch. Maybe a refined sense but still just touch.
No, they are separate senses - under the microscope, the nerves even look different. Like I said, try step 5.
some people say at least 89 senses
well i consider your sense of balance a sense im sure plenty of people would disagree but i for one count it as a sense.
But a sense of balance isn't a mutual sense, if that makes any sense. Balance is based off of feel and sight.
close ur eyes and spin around.
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