Animals from old electronic parts

While browsing earlier I came across this gorgeous collection of animals made from electronic parts which features, among others, an owl, a deer, a horse, a flamingo, and a theropod (my guess is T. Rex, but who am I to say?). Gears become joints, springs become necks, wires become hair, chips become feet. The attention to detail and overall construction is incredible. I wish I could track down the creator, but I haven't been able to find out who made them or when. Anyone?

EDIT: the author is Ann P. Smith. Thanks, Andib!

Link via Arts design blog

Picture of Animals from old electronic parts
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vishalapr5 years ago
I really like the bird and the owl!!!
CUclimbing5 years ago
Robot sculptures are quite easy.
Andib7 years ago
I think the artist is Ann P. Smith. I was searching the net, and ran across this info:


"ann p smith’s robot sculptures: upcylcled wonders"

She has her own website here:

Hope that helps. She makes some AMAZING stuff!!
Lithium Rain (author)  Andib7 years ago
I just realized I forgot to say thanks for finding this! You're awesome. :)
No prob. Glad I could help!
mikeasaurus7 years ago
Does the owl remind anyone else of Bobo from Clash of the Titans
Damn, beat me to it. But yeah, it does. Next, make a bird that reads your "twitter" messages
Derin7 years ago
There was a Trojan Horse(not the virus) in front of the Vodafone building in Istanbul.I even saw an old IBM motherboard in there!
ReCreate Derin7 years ago
The virus XD Trojan Horse...What does that mean?
Derin ReCreate7 years ago
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