Another Irritated Customer!

Over the last few months I have experienced sporadic problems with being logged out in mid-session.  It is becoming worse.  Now pretty much anytime I do anything requiring a page refresh or change, I get logged out.  It took me three logins to get to this page so I could post this message.  Basically none of the Pro benefits are functional.  I cannot access PDFs, additional images, or much of anything which my Pro membership supposedly provides. 

I am obviously not the only person with this or similar problems.

Please resolve this issue or cancel my Pro subscription and refund my payment.

I love the site but I don't love paying for benefits which I can't access!

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branhamr (author) 7 years ago
See my other post - "Still Irritated Only More So!!!" for the resolution, such as it is.
For anyone coming late to this, here is the link:
beackmaniax7 years ago
Hello, Your problem is easy to solve, you only need to activate your cookies on your browser. If this doesn't work, try using firefox, also check your antivirus software, unactivate intruder alert and firewall permissions for some web pages. If not, change your pasword cause maybe you have an intruder logged from another computer.
randofo7 years ago
You wouldn't happen to be using IE in one of its "safe" and/or restricted browsing modes? Or, at that, you wouldn't happen to be using any browser in private browsing mode?
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