Another car that runs on fresh air.

Here's another chap with a car that runs on compressed air.

He's got more potential than past attempts, though - F1 engineering background, large backer, neat trick for extending range.

The video and Previous BBC "airing"
Canadian news article
Critical article from Oil Drum (Australian energy site)
Oil Drum: part 2
Air Car site


Another BBC article
MDI Engineering site (they make the engines)
Tata Motors (who plan to build the car)

Picture of Another car that runs on fresh air.
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EcoExpatMike8 months ago

Better to have a windmill powered air compressor.

Labot20019 years ago
arguably, this isn't a "clean" method b/c in order to compress the air you'd need an air compressor, which is usually ether gas- or electric-powered. if it's gas-powered, well, thats self-explanatory. but if it's powered by good ol fashioned electricity, the question of how clean the electricity is, per se, comes into mind. how was the electricity harnessed? there are some plants with cleaner methods than others. i find alternative fuels interesting, but I'm still for hydrogen power at the moment :]
Ah, but you need electricity to make the hydrogen, so we're right back where we started again.
Kiteman (author)  yourcat9 years ago
The best way to think of hydrogen is as a temporary energy store - you can "carry" more energy in the form of hydrogen (running a fuel cell) than in a battery.

Generating the hydrogen is analogous to charging the battery.

The big downside to hydrogen is the need for high-pressure, cryogenic storage.
yourcat Kiteman9 years ago
Exactly! I just like compressed air because it's a simple mechanism.
Kiteman (author)  yourcat9 years ago
... a simple mechanism ...

Can't argue with that one!
Honestly I think hydrogen is a bit of a pipe dream for green, since it wastes a bit of energy in the conversion process, meaning that you'll need more green power to do the same job as a standard EV, thought the battery like fuel cells could be a bit more efficient...
Kiteman (author)  Labot20019 years ago
It's at the compressor that the system becomes "clean" - be careful how you source the energy to run your compressor, and the system is as clean as you want. See my Feb 13th post for more.
ll.139 years ago
How does it compress the air? (sorry, I haven't read the links :-P )
I think you use a standard compressor to charge the tanks in the car, and it runs from them. I'd like to know what the ratio of mileage per tonne of C02 is of compressed air compared to the mileage per tonne of C02 from an ordinary petrol car, because I wouldn't think it's more eco-friendly.

People seem to forget when they see things like this that the air compressors are often run directly from petrol engines anyway, and think "WOW! NO EMISSIONS!".
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