Another new knex element sort of

I was thinking what could be fun to build... a ball machine with a dragon theme! This is something that might be improved by some of you people if you can build it by just looking at it on this video. This could also be used for something else like a plain old dragon dragon. I was thinkin of adding this to my ball machine but it could not since its more like a prototype.

The grey connector thats connected to the track is suppose to move but it isn't for some reason.

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ajleece8 years ago
Oooooo..... AJLEECE has an idea.....
rexdino5 (author) 8 years ago
I have failed to upgrade the altenater and I might need help from pros... I used a red/green rod for supports and used the same thing but i stilll couldn't even think of another tecnique.
rexdino5 (author) 8 years ago
Oh sorry about that high pitched noise but in the kitchen sink if you turn the faucet it makes a high pitches noise and my mom was using it.
New ball alternator? Anway, looks like it may have some potential. Good work!
Der Bradly8 years ago
Why is there a high pitched noise in the backround?