Another step towards human cyborgs - the finger drive.

A Finnish computer programmer who lost one of his fingers in a motorcycle accident has made himself a prosthetic replacement with a USB drive attached.

Jerry Jalava uses the 2GB memory stick, accessed by peeling back the "nail", to store photos, movies and programmes.

The finger is not permanently attached to his hand, so it can be easily left plugged into a computer when in use.

Mr Jalava says he is already thinking about upgrading the finger to include more storage and wireless technology.

"I'm planning to use another prosthetic as a shell for the next version, which will have removable fingertip and RFID tag," he wrote on his blog,

Half of Mr Jalava's left ring finger had to be amputated last summer after he crashed into a deer while riding his motorbike near Helsinki.

He says he was inspired to create the unique storage device when doctors treating him joked that he should have a USB "finger drive" after finding out that he was a software developer.

More is apparently available on the inventor's blog, but it keeps timing out for me.

BBC story

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Derin8 years ago
I read that in the paper...
Derin Derin8 years ago
Also,when I read that,I thought he should put into his thumb to get a real "thumb drive".
KentsOkay8 years ago
WANT!! >crashes motorcycle into buck< >gets into hospital with broken everything but finger< >grabs broom, nearly slices finger off with razor blade< It's healed up a good deal... that was to deh bone....
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Kryptonite8 years ago
A usb finger drive! Wow, I'm looking forward bluetooth intovation!
You'd stick your finger in your ear to talk on the phone? Heh, heh!
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
No, surely it would be thumb in your ear, little finger pointing at your mouth?
I do that now. Doesn't meen it works.
Greatest idea since the Shoe phone LOL
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