Another thank you to an anonymous donor

Like DJ Radio, someone has given me a Pro membership, and I'd like to thank them. I feel a little guilty about this, actually...I've been putting off buying one myself until I had college paid for and could warrant frivolities like website memberships, and I just made National Merit Finalist, which means I get a full-ride...

Point is, thank you to whoever is behind this. I am quite grateful, though a bit annoyed that now I feel obligated to build and post something...something relatively major is in the works, though. ;-)

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KentsOkay7 years ago
 Congrats on on making NMF!!
CameronSS (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
Thank you, sir. The University of Texas at Dallas already offered me $87,000 plus a $1,500 laptop fund plus $1,500 for study abroad travel expenses, but then again, $22,500/year isn't nearly enough to pay for being in Texas.
Very cool! Dallas is probably the second worst place in Texas, Houston being the worst. I got a friend at UT Dallas, she seems to like it, but then again she was always weird...
Remind me which worst place you are in Texas.
Just outside of  Austin dude, damn best place within a thousand miles at least
hey, where just outside of austin?
Yay... I have a plus one...
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