Answers ??? What's happened to answers ?

What's happened to the answers field on the 'ibles main title ? Its gone, as of this morning's update ?


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lemonie7 years ago
I go off a bookmark
So I never noticed.

steveastrouk (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Yes, but now find where to post a question from the main page.
That's right....its at the very bottom.
I always use that link, no problem. Perhaps this is a move to exclude moronic questions - only smart people will work-out how?


(My homepage is attached)
You finding it is not the problem here.  IT's the new people or people who only use it once in a while.  Being at the top of the page means that it is right there for everyone to see.  At the bottom of the page it's not easily found.

I'll re-iterate Perhaps this is a move to exclude moronic questions - only smart people will work-out how?
Then ask whether questions have significantly dropped-off in the last two weeks?

ewilhelm7 years ago
Answers are now prominently mixed into all the content on the channel homepages.  See for an example. 
We'd all like it better if it was on the top bar with "Home Explore Communit Submit".  Cmon.  I think the change that you made makes answers less accessible to newer members (I had a somewhat difficult time finding it myself). 
Hi, DJ.  It appears that this was not done arbitrarily.  They have a tremendous amount of data on how users navigate from page to page within I'bles (the server can capture the REFERRER URL on every HTTP transaction). 

The "Answers" link in the masthead had very close to zero traffic, whereas the blue "Answers" tabs within the different categories (what Eric calls channels) were the dominant origin for access to the Questions area.

As for having trouble finding it -- you, and I, and the other existing members know where our links are "supposed to be," and are surprised when they disappear.  New members don't have such preconceptions, and will (and apparently do!) find the link in the blue tabs lower on the page, rather than in the masthead.

Think about how few newbies use (and probably never even notice!) the search box in the masthead, and instead just ask a question that the search could answer.  If they were looking at the masthead for "Answers", presumably they'd find the search box, too.
Remarkably, the search box is probably the single most used feature of any Instructables page. 
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