Answers are in arears by 6 or 7 years.

It may be only for Monday, but Recent answers just started, starting in 7 or 6 years ago.
I'm running XP and win7 with Mozilla...

Code monkeys what are you up to ?

Downunder35m10 months ago

No such problem here, might be your combo of outdated OS and browser?

iceng (author)  Downunder35m10 months ago

Thanks, but this is a very very fast New computer with Win7 solid state drive and XP on a spinner giga-HD which lets me select on boot with newly loaded Mozilla Firefox on both.

Happily today I'm webbing with full access to everything that pleases my gray cells :-)

caitlinsdad iceng10 months ago

At least you can watch how long it takes before they reply...

iceng (author)  caitlinsdad10 months ago

I had an electronic product to countdown to my 64 born day... It failed before reaching zero and now resides in my junk box.... That was a long time ago as now I have experienced my fourtieth birthday thirty four times..