Answers - it's not this bad...

I was doing a regular check of what coudal were linking and I found this. Spending a lot of time looking at Instructables Answers I'm both amused and interested, (and some other things...):

E.g. ive heard a lot about this thing called autism. apparently it's like a special ability some people hav that makes you rly good at card games and stuff. how do i become autistic so i can win at casinos?!

31 - Do midgets have night vision?

Posted in Pro because some questions are on the adult-side. It's scary in places, while mostly "sad". The point of this post is to remind those of us who look at Answers that it's pretty good around here.


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Jayefuu7 years ago
Uhhhh that wasn't meant to sound horrible, it just came out that way. Get a blog. All I meant was _I_ wasn't interesting enough to get one. :D
 Cool, "Get a blog" should be like "Get a life", the new sort of put down phrase, I like it. I don't know what you meant about sounding horrible, I think you have hit on a new thing to say!
AGREED!!!!  I'm gonna use it next time someone is giving me their life story, or details I don't need.     "GET A BLOG!!!"

(It's also a bit like "Get a room".)
lemonie (author)  skunkbait7 years ago
I'll support that idea (both of you)!

Jayefuu lemonie7 years ago
Oh blog off lemonie!
lemonie (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
Watch it - you might provoke me to do something like that...

Arrrgh! Who has the time? I barely have time enough to DO the things I'd like to, much less sit down and the recount them all in a blog ;-)
lemonie (author)  Goodhart7 years ago

(I don't)

Not that I haven't tried a few times.....but I can't keep it up for more than a post or three.
lemonie (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
I wouldn't expect anyone to care... (if I did)


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