Antics help!! Please Read

Umm, i just found this website called antics3d.com, and the software that used to be able to be downloaded for free, you now have to have a registered email from befor the site closed back in 08. i just found the website today, so i dont have a registered email. i am hoping that if somebody has a registered email, they would let me use it to download the new antics v5.1 and content pack. i have already checked the torrent sites i know about, but if you have a registered email or torrent site that you know offers antics, or even are willing to send me the setup exe, please private message me telling me where to get it. thanks!

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Debaj4 years ago
i need Antics3d v5.1 where i can download it? And content pack.

I have antics3d v31//but need more )
lacarrye8 years ago
Hi, I'm registered ANTICS User and I've a registered email. But even though you can download Antics v5.1 + Content Packs you don't have a v5.1 serial number to make it functional don't you?? otherwise we have something to share!!! Regards, John
A.C.E. (author)  lacarrye8 years ago
Uhh, I got an email saying my email was now registered, and to download antics 5.0, which was the latest version at the time. Also included in the email was the activasion key. I don't know if I will get free updates to 5.1 or not, but I guess it's worth a try. Do you know your way around antics? If so I need help making models interactive in antics, like cars and such.
lacarrye A.C.E.8 years ago
Hi, A.C.E, Did you buy V4 or V5. Because I bought V4 my Serial doesn't work in V5.
A.C.E. (author)  lacarrye8 years ago
I got a serial for v5.0, and even though thebsite said no releases after 5.0, it is true there is a 5.1. How did you get your key? Did you buy it before the site closed down?
lacarrye A.C.E.8 years ago
Actually I bought V4 and I never got the serial for v5. I've verisons V5 and v5.1. Do you mind if I try your serial for demo purposes, I can give you v5 and v5.1 and all the content. Regards,
I lost 5 when this new computer was built, I have the reg numbers and all, could I down load a copy of your 5?

A.C.E. (author)  lacarrye8 years ago
Actually when I installed 5.1 it didn't ask for my serial. My email is already registered, but I will pm you my serial anyway.
I have the software book on Antics and will be happy to send it along to you. I need a copy of Antics 5. It did not transfer when I had this new computer built I have the registration numbers and all


A.C.E. (author)  A.C.E.8 years ago
I mean google sketchup models interactive.
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