Anvil For Sale

small anvil for sale with a Hardy hole and mounting holes 5-1/2 inches long 2-3/4 inches tall ..$25.00 shipped to Lower 48 States

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daneiac (author) 8 years ago
Christ, I thought this might be a legitimate hassle-free medium to sell a quality anvil to an Instructables dude/gal but I hight have a better shot on eBay...checkout my feedback handle is daneiac
daneiac (author) 8 years ago
Look at the picture it reads JAPAN not Acme, unless ACME had a manufacturing plant in Japan I am not aware of, and I'm not I will send a $25.00 Paypal invoice to first Lower 48 States customer interested at that price....first come first serve basis ...this is TOYOTA-HONDA_NISSAN Quality forged anvil ideal for jewelry craftsmen, silversmiths etc.
ry259208 years ago
Why don't you give it to Will-e-coyote? He would love to attempt to drop it on roadrunner. Is it acme? :)
shadow129528 years ago
couldnt find it on ebay?
ohhh did you mean your selling it of here to avoid ebay, if so im interested
shadow129528 years ago
Still availible?//Why are you selling it.
daneiac (author)  shadow129528 years ago
to avoid eBay fees...I am daneiac also on eBay so if you look me up there you will see I,m honest