Any Ideas On What I Should Post?

Hello, K'NEX community!

I am the Knex Inventor, and I am looking for ideas of what I should post. If you have an idea of what I should post, please comment below with your suggestion, and I will consider making it. If I do make and post one of your ideas, I will give you partial credit for helping to come up with it.


-The Knex Inventor

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KneXFAN20010 months ago

PLEASE DO A K"NEX BALL MACHINE!!!!!!!! I REALLY WANT YOU TO!!!!!!!! I could collaborate with you for help on the bases, lift/lifts/network/networks, elements, etc. I could be the one building it or you could be the one building it. You could send me picture of elements, etc, or visa versa to put on the machine! PLEASE!!! Thanks, KneXFAN200

The Knex Inventor (author)  KneXFAN20010 months ago

Well, I would, but I currently do not have enough pieces. This was my only attempt at making a ball machine, but I ran out of pieces, so I could not finish construction. Right now I'm more into K'NEX guns, and ball machine elements and lifts. Thanks anyway for the offer!

Maybe we could collaborate on one though!

of the gun, if you need help, just send me some of the gun and maybe i can help

Maybe we can collaborate on the gun when I get a chance. What do you think?

sure, only i am not at home for a week. so we can start next week

Okay. I am currently working on a couple other collaborations, and have built a huge project that has taken up most of my pieces, so I may not have enough pieces to make the entire gun. We can still PM back and forth with ideas. Also, one of us could create a collaboration Instructable, and we could upload photos of our ideas there. Sound good?

fine with me, i am on vacation now, but i will make the collab ible so you can start uploading and when i am back i will join you

Okay. Sounds good. I may not upload for a bit, as I am kind of busy lately, but I will still let you know some of my ideas, and maybe upload a sketch or two.

Okay, sure. I will send you some pictures when I build it.

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