Any Old Knexers Still Here?

Hey guys! As the title say, are any of the old knex folks that I grew up with still around? I imagine most of us have grown up and moved on.
I've looked around the site, and while I've found some decent stuff I haven't seen anybody I really recognize from my day. I'm just curious as to what people have grown to enjoy and like. I for one love anything music, and spend most of my free time playing.
How about you guys?
See y'all around

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~KGB~3 years ago

I really do miss the old days of knex, kinda regret that I sold them xD

I told you not to. XD



TheDunkis ~KGB~3 years ago

Shock! I forget if you're one of the people that I said this would happen to, but I keep telling people they'll eventually miss K'nex and want to pick them up again, even if just for a little bit. I still find time here and there in college. Guess BT wouldn't give you any time when you're busy learning how to put together a real firearm.

~KGB~ TheDunkis3 years ago
Yea I think you did a while back actually. Shame is I didnt even get out to airsoft sites much... Yea, if everything goes well ill be out of ireland by 4-5 months, its just a matter of going up a rank or 2 so I am able to do a weapons specialist role.
hunter999 ~KGB~3 years ago

buy em' again

~KGB~ hunter9993 years ago
No time really, im in college now and im done in 3-4 months. After that im off to the army :)
slithien4 years ago
i don't know if you ever saw any of my stuff back in the day but I've moved on like you and now play a tonne of games, my favorites are minecraft, osu (a Japanese rhythm game, i think you would like it because you like music now you said) and metal gear solid.
have you ever heard of nightcore music? i only recently found it but love it but not many people have heard it or like it. "airplanes" is probably the best example of it
oh, and now i actually bother to use the spell check XD
Nightcore fan! yay
knexfreak954 years ago
do i count? lol
I remember seeing you from a while ago. I think so.
TheRacker4 years ago
Yeah, I just came back recently and posted a gun I built.
DJ Radio4 years ago
Well Killerk is an OG and he's still around. That should count for something lol.
Sorunome4 years ago
Does Shadowman count? He's still around :P
hunter9994 years ago
Errrrr well, I have been snooping around this site for 3 years! although I don't comment often
Holy!..... It's the canadian owl!
*Just so you know Potato Coffee stole the spot behind your ear.
How dare he!!
I know! I say you take it back.
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Hiyadudez4 years ago
Do I count? ._.
Well, this is a surprise.
Oh please...
Yes you did
TheDunkis4 years ago
I decided I want to build something again soon. There are still a few concepts people haven't covered here that I might be able to pull off after my skills having turned stale. Can't guarantee anything, though. First off, I like my little model I built just for fun so it'll be hard to destroy it. Secondly, my work habits are so on and off. But I really want to get back into building at least for a little bit before I get busy again.
DJ Radio4 years ago
I see.
...Define "old."
Who you calling old?! ;P
How old actually are you? If you don't mind.
Yeah Bro, you are pretty much definition of an old knexer! :p
I am back. I have recently on a KRave- you can guess what that stands for (3 words in one haha)!

I was watching a video on Youtube about old Mechanical Firing Computers- and I saw one use of an already well-known mechanism that I never thought could be used in this new way, so I had to build it, right that moment, it was like back when I was 14, and had this inspiration all the time (and more ACTUAL time hah), so I have spent roughly 18 hours over 2 days constructing this mechanism. As I type I am measuring the number strips to put into it.

It will be up within the next few weeks- it's going to take a while to post as the mechanism isn't that complicated, its just needs to be precise (as in 1 gear tooth precise!)
how soon do you think it will be up
I still float around on here all the time, I just hardly ever get time to build anything anymore.
Yes! I'm lurking about here still, although I'm not posting too much anymore...
SYMEN4 years ago
I first came here in '06 and noticed the first k'nex gun that was made by killerk, of coarse he wasn't the only person that built the first gun out of k'nex. I remember hearing about Oodalumps making some guns of his own out of k'nex before there was even a YouTube. I didn't join instructables until last year.
mberg4 years ago
im still here but i only ever got 16 followers. my thing is youtube now. 130 subs and 15,000 views.
didexo mberg4 years ago
What your Youtube name? What do you do?
mberg didexo4 years ago
Puffmonster689, hence the name I make awsome edited rc bashing videos.
(Bashing=jumping and drifting around) the rc vehicles aren't your crappy Walmart ones. They cost up from $200 to $700 for the ones I got. Just go onto my profile and click the thing "puffmonster689 on youtube" and it'll direç you to my channel hopefully
TheDunkis4 years ago
As for a personal update:
-Second year of college
-Computer Science major
-I've a Wii U
-Also Minecraft every now and then where I've taken an interest to engineering new things rather than building pretty things.
-I'm often hanging out with a girl who in essence is my girlfriend, but we never made it official.
-I really need to learn this damn guitar that I've had for years.
-Some days I just want to sit and listen to Pandora for hours.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my life in a nutshell these days.
Minecraft? I have a server if your interested? Need some more players.
didexo4 years ago
The dunkis is in college so he might leave.....
As much as I don't want to give up on K'nexing, I must say I really haven't ever had the motivation to try anything even when I have time. Recently I made a mockup gun just for the fun of it, something that I'd want to turn into a real firearm. But otherwise it doesn't fire.

Otherwise, I still lurk to see what's new, but I don't really post anymore.
Yea, I only have one gun that I'm building. BTW have you seen my Magpul?
Yea that's to bad.....
tytiger334 years ago
I still hang around. Not that I ever posted anything of value. All I have accomplished is pissing off kiteman.
If something good gets built by you I might just build it.
Oh and ShadowMan39, masterdude, Hiyadudez, and Senior Waffleman are still pretty active. Seleziona and many other have moved on though and it worries me.
Unfortunately I lack the skills to make new guns. I can offer advice on improvements however. But the problem stems from the fact video games are getting TOO prominent. Without the steady supply of fresh recruits the knex community will continue to dwindle to nonexistence. I too no longer check the site dayly and now only occasionally check it. Hopefully people like Knexgurl revitalise the community.
i dont think there are a lot of old knexers left
~KGB~4 years ago
im here :-)
slithien4 years ago
since there's so many versions of each song i decided to be nice and got the link for you :D