Any Unique and Personalized Valentine's Day Gift Ideas out there?

I'm looking for a unique gift idea for my kids (twin girls age 7) to make for valentines day. Any ideas?

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beado4ever10 years ago
I'm not sure i get the idea of valentine's quite right but isn't it to a express a romantic love for someone? I'm not sure what would be right therefore for 7 year olds? If i've got it wrong please correct me.
It is quite common in the UK for kids to make valentines for people they like without the major romantic overtones. Or for their mothers, "because nobody else will".
Same in the USA.
Awwwwwww, bless!
nancy.sp5 years ago
Take a look at my blog here: , and I believe you will get some inspiration.
laradonold7 years ago
yes you can see my list Valentine Day Gift Ideas
charlie999 years ago
Why not buy something different for Valentines Day this year?

Go to where famous indie bands design t-shirts for charity.

They have a special red Valentines Day t-shirt, perfect for that special someone... They're only 25 dollars each, and every t-shirt benefits a different charity of the artist's choosing.

Check out their website:

ALL profits go to charity!
Doctor What10 years ago
You could make them teddy bears that have red glowing eyes at night.
Yay! robot killer bears!
OOOOOHHHHH! Now I have an idea. A light sensor, a couple LEDs, and a bear. Probably too late to get all the stuff and make one for the contest though...
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