Any advice for a packrat?

Step 1: Admit you have a problem.

Yep, I have way too much junk.

Books, magazines, old computers (some really old), salvaged stuff, furniture we didn't use after a remodeling, tools, parts saved for 'future projects,' camping stuff (how many backpacks do I really need?), old skis, clothing, etc.

It's getting bad. Last week I bought a new airbrush, 'cause I couldn't find the other two I already own. And that's certainly not the first tool that's a duplicate.

Both our parents (the wife's and my) were the same. My sister and brother-in-law get rid of everything to cope. But they over-compensate-- there's hardly a book or a magazine in their home (so spotless it's creepy.)

Any advice? Any former 'packrats?' If so, how did you "get clean?"

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3 words gasoline match insurance!
gmoon (author)  teaaddict3149 years ago
4th word: Prison!! (OK, I thought it was funny...But...) ...didn't I just read in another thread you'd like to be a firefighter? Jokes like this will come back and haunt you later. It's harmless here, but say, on Myspace -- employers are frequently checking public comments... Just a thought.
Goodhart gmoon9 years ago
Well, he didn't say burn it "inside the house" :-)
gmoon (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
I did enjoy ledz's comment--it's the quickest solution ;-) (Re: the 'insurance' comment & the firefighter thing. I don't take it seriously. It's just that dang 'persistence' of the internet...)
Did you watch Oprah today? Dr. Phil also did a declutter episode recently. There are some books... I'm using the 15 minute a day declutter technique. I do better with small changes rather than drastic ones.
gmoon (author)  SacTownSue9 years ago
I think 15 minutes of tossing / organizing / whatever is a great idea...if not every day, then at least 3-4 days a week. At least our whole house isn't a wreck--just my office, the basement, and one bedroom we use for storage. The basement got bad after we remodeled. Although we gave away a lot of furniture, we couldn't part with some pieces--which went into the basement, and became "clutter reefs" (I think I just invented that term.)
Goodhart gmoon9 years ago
yeah, somewhere someday someone may Google "ledzeppie" + "fire" and come up with that comment
one simple rule, if you haven't touched it in a year....its garbage....... if you haven't touched it in 6 months.....its probably garbage.
No, if you haven't touched it in six months, it's a work in progress. If you haven't touched it for a year or more, it's archive material. If you don't recognise it when you find it, you've dug right through the back of your garage into the back of next door's.
K-man! Once again you are right. Except I don't have a garage... I think the lack of recognition has more to do with senior moments. Yes I am admitting to being a senior...
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