Any chance of some non-computer pranks?

I hope people submit "real" pranks.
I have gotten tired of all the computer hack pranks.
Please do!

(K'nex +string + bucket +water=................. )

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Doctor What8 years ago
You're talking to a group of people who haven't been outside in days, and have an instructables hand imprinted in orange on their corneas from looking at it too long. Sure!
lol But not me.....
Brother_D8 years ago
I agree that real pranks should be posted. All these computer ones are lame.
The computer pranks are cool,but there's too many and I am sick of computer pranks.
j1a1m1e1s8 years ago
i entered one that was how to fake the red ring of death on the xbox 360!
thats technically a computer prank....
No consoles are nowhere close to computers even if its just for gaming.
well the hardware is computer-ish.
Ah so anything with anything even relevant to computing isn't allowed?
Microsoft makes xbox. Microsoft makes windows. do the math.
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