Any good Bacon instructables?

Can someone upload a bacon instructable here? Actually a couple, but one is a start.

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i like the backon place mat...............................
You spell bacon like this... bacon
You don't think he might have learned how to spell bacon sometime in the past three months?
i know
Colonel88 (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox8 years ago
zieak7 years ago
ALL instructables with bacon are good.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
 Try greasing the search box at the top of the screen. Many bacon instructables to be found...
Colonel88 (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
Ya, but how do you add them? Doesn't the maker have to add them?
You join the bacon group, then, when you look at a project, down the right-hand side of the page there should be an option to "add to one of your groups".

Click on the bacon group icon, and you're sorted.
Colonel88 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Thank you.