Any ideas for a PC case mod?

I've decided to clear out my assorted computer detritus (Love that word) and have decided to build myself a teamspeak/ventrillo server from the various pieces. Thing is, i have many small form factor components and no case in which to put them. I previously tried putting the PC into a Frosties (Cereal) box , with success, although the case was too flimsy. This leaves me with the following question:

What can I put a small PC in (besides buying a case) that is around the size of a 1kg cereal box or larger?

Pictures of Frosties mod

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DragonDon4 years ago
3-ring binder! LOL.
Hi there!

I'm working on an amazing TV series for History Channel called Counting Cars, and I'm reaching out to this forum in hopes that someone is interested having a motorcycle made into a PC case mod for the show! Counting Cars is an automobile customization and restoration show spun off from the highly rated Pawn Stars, featuring Danny Koker and his shop, Count's Kustoms.

We are gearing up for our third season, and would love help spreading the word to anyone you think would be interested!

Happy to answer any additional questions you may have, please email me at

Yerboogieman10 years ago
what im doing is adding switches and LEDs to the front of mine to control one of my fans
my computer just has a light deficiancy
crestind10 years ago
Knex Case
whatsisface (author)  crestind10 years ago
Never I'd considered lego, but knex is a BIGGG no-no
Why is that? Knex would work very well, because it naturally has holes where you can mount screws and stuff.
whatsisface (author)  crestind10 years ago
Because a) I have no Knex and b)I'm afraid that using Knex to build anything will mean that my friends would all desert me, because it's knex
Maybe you could mount a PC into a desk drawer? You could drill holes into the front for all the ports and drives.
whatsisface (author)  crestind10 years ago
Seems like a good idea. I'll use it as a backup in case iWIn fails.
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