Any ideas for secret spots?

I need to find a place to hide my stuff. Any ideas? And join Secret Safe compartment group!

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batonas6 years ago
wall ventilations or drainage grates or any other thing with screws like pc would be a great secret spots, as long as it not cloged up with your stuff, because if it is someone might notice it and try to fix it and find your stuff.
batonas6 years ago
unscrew door hinge make any size pocket under the hinge put in what you like screw the screws back and its save till you need it, saw it in burn notice, hope I helped.
if you would describe wat you would like to hide (if its not a secret) or just the size of it you would get more accurate replys.
edaland6 years ago
under floor
you could hide stuff in a compartment drilled into the top of a door
i have a bunk with an air duct above it i could unscew it and hide stuff!!!!
Depending on the type of vacume you may have, you could put lots of stuff inside it. And if the vacume is non functional anyways you could remove more internal parts (dust bags, filters, fittings, motor ) to create more space. Just becareful no one throws it away when your not looking.
Gjdj38 years ago
I love secret compartments! A secret compartment I really want to build would be one in the front seat of a car. I imagine that it could be really useful.
Except when a cop sees you taking something from your front seat...

A secret compartment I really want to build would be one in the front seat of a car.
What does that mean exactly...?
Sorry if my statement was a bit confusing. What I meant was something along these lines: a secret compartment under the seat or maybe cut into the back of the seat. The idea wasn't to hide something from the cops, but to be able to keep valuables in the car without them being stolen.
Gorfram Gjdj38 years ago
Bolted-under-the-driver's seat is a common location for vehicle-based gun safes (in those US states where licenses to carry concealed firearms are available to those proven sufficiently sane and law-abiding). This means that under the driver's seat in not too bad a hiding spot, and that you can get a convenient and very secure key and/or combination safe that bolts in there quite nicely (but for a rather steep-ish price). It also means that if you are stopped by law enforcement officers anywhere in the US and they see you reaching under the drivers seat, they may assume that you were reaching for your firearm and react accordingly. So that may not be such a good place for stuff after all - especially not your vehicle registration and proof-of-insurance.
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