Any ideas for things to do with an arduino and 5 servo motors for a patch

Any ideas for stuff to make with with an arduino and 5 servo motors? I'll give a patch to anyone  who can come up with something brilliant!
Do not include( I've made these before):
1.  Robotic head
2.  Robotic arm
3.  Automatic pet feeder
Anything else will be looked forward to!!
There are 5 patches up for grabs!!

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Tomdf4 years ago
Human Style Robot Hand
Marble / Pinball Machine
Remote vehicle with spring loaded cannon
Snake Robot
Something involving candy
sidgupta (author)  Tomdf4 years ago
Cool ideas! Thanks. I liked the hand and snake robot ideas. Will send you a patch
sidgupta (author)  sidgupta4 years ago
Patch sent! Only 3 more up for grabs
Tomdf sidgupta4 years ago
Sweet! ty
Kiteman5 years ago
Surely you should be able to come up with some sort of walker?

Or animate a puppet Santa (then reporpose it to a puppet skeleton next Hallowe'en)?

sidgupta (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Thanks that is actually quite cool!
sidgupta (author)  sidgupta5 years ago
patch sent!!
Thank you!
oldmicah5 years ago
Helmet with elf ears sticking out that occasionally twitch and rotate... You could get it ready in time for the second hobbit film! If you re feeling incredibly inspired, there's a though controlled ears project out there as well.

Haunted ouiji board? 2 of them driving magnets under and three to drive madam zorba's head, eyeballs, and mouth.... (Kinda robotic head like)