Any ideas on how to create solid roof for steel framed gazebo?

Have one of those $180 steel framed, 10 x 10, two tier roof, gazebos that every retailer seems to sell now a days. (kind of like the one in the picture) Its perm attached over our hot tub. Problem is, the nylon top keeps deteriorating and then shreds and has to be replaced. Any ideas on a good, cheap or maybe recycled material, roof that would be permanent? (WI=Snow in winter, has to be strong enough for an occassional storm) And how to attach it maybe? Looking for a few brainstormed ideas because all I can think of is boring PLYWOOD! *GRIN*

Picture of Any ideas on how to create solid roof for steel framed gazebo?
pyper7 years ago
Use some exterior ply and then cover that in whatever you like, you could even tile / shingle it.
kellyndiy (author) 7 years ago
Hmm halved aluminum cans, and a small spinning light ball hanging in the center would make for some interesting light patterns while sitting in the hottub! *laughing* I'll check out the hardboard on the way home tonight, thanks for the idea!!!!!!!!!
hardboard, it's like thin plywood or fibreboard but it's got a shiny side, it's quite flexible so the odd cross bar would help it sit up... I'd say a hardboard roof painted the right colour would be nice... You could go nuts and slate it... Or use aluminium cans to make a roof...