Any ideas on making a fairly realistic Jason mask (Friday the 13th)??

I'm looking to make a realistic, fairly inexpensive Jason (Friday the 13th, hockey mask, machete-wielding badass) mask for my Halloween costume and I need some help. The only affordable masks I'm finding are flimsy plastic ones like the one on the photo below or foam masks that look like they're for a 5 year old. I've seen some pretty good fiberglass ones on ebay (like the one in the second picture I've included), but they run over a $100....and none of them are exactly what I want. So, I want to make one.... I'm thinking I can take one of the cheap plastic ones and alter it....I want to do more than just paint it though. I want to make the mask more rigid and appear more like resin or fiberglass than plastic. So, I need some sort of liquid or putty that looks something like resin to cover the mask in that will make the mask more rigid and still allow me to paint on it. and I'll probably drill some more holes to match the ones in the movie and put leather straps on it. any thoughts? anyone made a Jason mask before that could offer some advice?

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These are as close as you can get for like under 30.00-35 for fairly close blanks/base masks to modify just ebay friday the 13th mask, sort by buy it now, then list by shipping and lowest first. You can get this shape (really only about 60% accurate) with various color schemes for under 10.00 or there is usally a seller who has 5 for 30.00 I would just get a jdfstudios blank but maybe a few of these to practice the paint jop first.

Nolan E.7 years ago
try pimp my hocky mask on youtube!

Tamales8 years ago
you could go to their masks are $45
collin968 years ago
simple on youtube go to "pimp my hockey mask redo" it works i did it with my friend
movieguy711 (author) 10 years ago
can anyone help on this...I'm still striking out trying to find a good mask....and paper mache looked lame
I am an independent artist from Michigan and I create jason masks for a living I will only ask for $60-$70 for my mask because since halloween is over sales are in the shitter so aim trying to get rid of all these backed up masks. I also have very nice machetes that are REAL, METAL MACHETES!!!!!!and my masks are made of high impact polystyrene which is also used on the outside of cars. making my masks highly durable and long-lasting....if you would like to see my masks here is the web address:
those are actually very nice....imma try to make my own flat broke
iIknow this is prob too late for you but maybe for next year?? Try making th base of your mask using cardboard that you cut and fit to th shape of your face while still retaining th hockey mask look. Attach a nose, remembering that you need holes to breathe. This is also where you can build up th area around th eyes if desired. Add a couple of layers of paper machae to reinforce th shape and also to make sure your nose is good and stuck. Cover in several light coats of plaster, allowing to dry between each layer. Drill holes etc. Retouch plaster areas if needed. Sand mask back so is smooth. Than paint it. Base coat in white or grey. Next couple of coats in light greeny-grey Single black coat, sponged on. OR cover mask and sand back black coat to allow green to show thru. Add red war paint. Sorted?
movieguy711 (author)  FallenRedNinja10 years ago
excellent....thank you very much for the reply.... I ended scrapping the Jason costume and going for the much easier Fred Flintstone costume.....but I already bought a bunch of paper mache and paint and a machete and a Camp Crystal Lake tshirt for my I might put together a little Friday the 13th display for my wall or something and your tips will DEFINITELY help
No problem, let me know how it goes! and if ya get stuck on anythin I'll try help out.
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