Any news about the Cabot Woodcare contest prizes?

Is there any news about the shipment of the prizes in the woodcare contest? I won a second prize in it and I've tried contacting some Instructable staff but haven't got any reply (Might be the holidays of course). I know they where delayed due some communication failure but I was told they would be send after Thanks giving and as far as I'm informed, being a Dutchman, about American festivities that was in  November.

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Dave A (author) 4 years ago
I really don't get why it is taking so long now. It is practicaly half a year later and I haven't received my prize yet or clear answer from Instructables. 12 days ago I got a PM saying:

Hi there! Congratulations on winning a prize in the Cabot Woodcare Contest. It has come to our attention that some winners may not have received their prizes yet. We wanted to find out whether or not you’ve received yours. Please let us know as soon as possible. Thanks and have a great day!

So I tought finally some news! so I answered quickly but no message back, a few days asked again if there was any news but again no answer. I really try to be patient but it is hard if there is no information given.
At the time I receive the Kindleit will probably hopellesly old-fashioned I think :-P
BrittLiv Dave A4 years ago
What I think is weird, is that some people seem to have gotten prices from a certain contest (I for example have gotten my Carbot Woodcare price last year), but others haven't. Even if it's the same price (For example, I haven't gotten my camera from the DIY Audio contest, while XenonJohn has). How is that possible?

I am getting a bit frustrated as well. I've been wanting to make a big instructable for some time now, that I think that deserves good pictures and video, but the camera hasn't arrived yet. I am sorry for bothering some of the instructables stuff over and over again, but the coming weekend is the only weekend for a long time where I have some time (and it is annoying, that I keep having to tell friends, who I asked for help, that we need to delay the project).

I think, that it would be nice to inform contest winners about delays and tell them why they happened. Maybe we can help.
ChrysN4 years ago
Have you received a shipping confirmation yet? They usually let you know when it is on the way. Also when prizes come from sponsored contest they can sometimes take a little longer and with the Holidays it is probably delayed a little longer than usual.
Dave A (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
Again a month further, haven't heard anything yet. Not even the instructables prize pack. :-( No news about sending the prizes?
ChrysN Dave A4 years ago
You should email to see what is up. I've received my prize from a contest that ended about a month after the Cabot woodcare contest.
Hey there! Just wanted to let you know, as janw said, not to worry because we will make sure you get your prize. Unfortunately this is one of those times where a lot of things (waiting for prizes to arrive, international issues, holidays, etc.) have resulted in delayed prizes.
I know the anxiety and excitement in waiting for your prize to arrive and apologize for you having to wait so long but I can assure you we're working on getting those out as quickly as possible.
Also, as others have pointed out, you'll receive an email notification once your prize does ship so be sure to keep an eye out for that.
janw4 years ago
My experience is that it can take 2 or 3 months after winning the prize before it reaches its destination here in the Netherlands. It also can take a while before they sent the prize to you. I've always received my prizes so don't despair yet!
Dave A (author)  janw4 years ago
Thank you for these hopegiving words, Jan. I won't despair now I know the world isn't coming to an end (yet). I didn't really paniced so far but was just curious since Instructable messaged it would be send after thanksgiving and that was about a month ago. I'll just have to have just a bit more patience, I guess.

By the way, did you have to pay a lot of tax or custom-costs for your prizes?
BrittLiv Dave A4 years ago
Considering custom costs you might be in luck. So far every time I've won something valuable, that could also be purchased at or, they bought it there (even if it was more expensive). So keep your fingers crossed, that whoever is in charge of shipping now will do the same.
janw BrittLiv4 years ago
I have the same experience. Stuff from amazon was bought in the uk at a higher price but it saved me vat and customs. Sadly it had the wrong powerplug but that was easely solved.
janw Dave A4 years ago
I only had to pay customs once. I had a voucher for Think-geek and when you buy your stuff in the US you have to pay the VAT. It was 19% back then. If they sent a prize as a gift you don't have to pay VAT. I never had to pay taxes as none of my prizes was valued higher than 454euros (most expensive was about 400 euros). If your prize is valued higher than 454euros you have to tell it to the taxman yourself and he will charge you with 29% tax (kansspelbelasting).
I was a grand prize winner and recieved the instrucables prize pack but I'm still waiting on the grill. As long as it comes before spring I'll be happy
Dave A (author)  Doug Costlow4 years ago
Hehe, can imagine that. I hoped I could give the prize as a christmas present to my wife but that didn't work. Might become an easteregg.
BrittLiv4 years ago
Interesting, I've won the dyson as well and got it about two months ago. The price pack arrived about three weeks ago (I'm from Germany).
Dave A (author)  BrittLiv4 years ago
Hmm, this that's strange than. I hope someone of Instructables can clear this up?
I won a first prize in that one. I received shipment notice on November 26th and received a prize pack about a week later, and another week or so I got the Dyson.
Dave A (author) 4 years ago
Ok, well, i don't have a shipping confirmation yet, neither an instructable prize pack but I'll just keep on waiting.
ynze4 years ago
Same here... I'm still waiting for my hands on learning contest prize to arrive. I did get the instructables prize pack, but didn't receive the "grand prize" yet... I'm told something went wrong in the "shipping department" :-s