Any one can give me a free raspberry pi ?

Can any one please give me a raspberry pi or any other fruit board ? I want to learn programing and I will happy if any one give me

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What town are you located in? Near any large cities?

Soumojit (author)  wannabemadsci1 month ago

Near kolkata

lisa00011 month ago

i see

liquidhandwash11 months ago

I see your from India, maybe you could offer to trade something from your country, that is not easily available anywhere else, like vehicle license plates, or something that is made locally.

you're easy, usually I ask for something like their soul. nah.

Soumojit (author)  caitlinsdad11 months ago

yeah you tell right, I am from india and thats the biggest problem ? I can not use local debitcards toto buy from And something sellimg is more difficult than you imagine

Look up the India distributor sites to see if that helps. Good luck.

Soumojit (author)  caitlinsdad11 months ago

I already said I need free or cheap

Yonatan24 Soumojit11 months ago

Can't you start with one of those $2 Arduinos from eBay, if you are able to buy on eBay?

Soumojit (author)  Yonatan2411 months ago

I cant buy from ebay but I already have a Arduino

random_builder11 months ago

I doubt that anyone will give you a free working raspberry pi, but you could probably get them for cheap on eBay

Soumojit (author)  random_builder11 months ago

I am in india cant buy from Please tell any other way or can any one gift me a raspberry pi?

Do you already have a USB keyboard/mouse and a monitor/TV with HDMI input? You will require these to make use of a Raspberry Pi.

Soumojit (author)  ThirdEarthDesign11 months ago

i have

Kiteman11 months ago

Have you tried putting an ad on Craigslist or similar?

Soumojit (author)  Kiteman11 months ago

Whats That? I dont know.

Kiteman Soumojit11 months ago

It's a website version of the sort of thing you get in the "small ads" of a newspaper.

Have a look:

Soumojit (author)  Kiteman11 months ago

Nothing found in my area about raspberry pi!