Any way to delete the spam (Korean women pictures) that has shown up in the forums?

Note to moderators:  In case you haven't noticed, there has been a flood of spam in the form of very suggestive pictures of Korean women that has been posted across most, if not all, groups.  It might be a good idea to remove this, if at all possible.

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Today is just got worse. So many posts.

apburner3 years ago

How does one flag a user. ChoH is one of the spammers. Has 14 instructables all of them are of women walking down runways. Might shrill some folks but in general I think this community is higher class than that.

At the moment, you cannot flag a user.

Flagging a bunch of their postings brings the member to the attention of staff, or you can copy the member's URL and email it to with the subject line "SPAMMER"

? your post are in negative minuets???

-247 minutes ago

They should be back to present-tense now. (I used an unsynchronized server to post. It thought I was in the future.)

IT was kinda cool though

Kiteman3 years ago

In the first instance, flag it without leaving a comment.

You can also send a report by email to

If the content is offensive, have a look to see what staff or members of the Community Team are around, because they can remove forum topics more quickly than a flag.

JM1999 Kiteman3 years ago

Your links still don't work :(

Kiteman JM19993 years ago

Dagnabbit, I checked them as well!

When the devs have defeated The Korean Menace, I'll post a bug report...

wilgubeast3 years ago

What Kiteman said.

Flag 'em as you see 'em. We can't hit what we don't see. This ruined a few staffers' Saturday mornings. If we don't act fast enough on the flags, send an email to with some links.

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