Any way to mod your bike to make it go faster without an engine?

Is there any way at all to make your bike go faster? I'll take any idea u got, but GIVE ME A IDEA!!! it's april break, and i am bored!!!;_;

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Toga_Dan2 years ago

slick tires aired up to their recommended max psi.

Draskinn9 years ago
If you're running knobby tires and you do most if not all you’re riding on roads/bike paths then switch over to slicks. Slicks are much faster. Toe clips/straps also make a huge difference, which is why racers ALL use them, they let you pull on the up stoke when sitting and they keep your feet locked in when you want to get up to lean forward and run on your bike. When I was younger and in much better shape I would run on my bike letting the clips hold my feet on the peddles, I would lean so far forward that my toes would be pointing down at the road yet I never had to worry about slipping off, you just cant apply that kind of power to regular clip less peddles your feet will just slide right off and send you teeth first into your bar. They take some getting used to but once you do you'll never want to ride without them Bar extensions are also good for giving you a better hand position when you want to stand and pump the bike back and forth with your arms in a counter stroke to your legs for more power, though you generally only do that when you’re sprinting. Still it's nice to be able to change hand position even during casual riding. Oh and the person that said remove one of your brakes NO NO NO!!! Never remove your brakes, if you can’t stop effectively then more speed will only get you killed. If you’re really that hard up for a few extra ounces then toss out your seat and ride standing lol just don't toss out your brakes! They help keep you alive.
i ride with only 1 break...i got a hayes 9 hydrolic break with a 8 inch rotor...i can stop fine. a lot of people go with only 1 break. not only does it save weight, but its better for street riding, and dirt jumping. i can stop going from 40 km/ph to nothing in about 6 feet.
. Only one brake may be OK for an experienced rider on a closed course, but I've got to agree with Draskinn. Keep the brakes.
iim not that experienced and not on a closed course....i ride around mall parking lots and stuff doing tricks, and the mall that i go to has a hill, with a chipped curb that i can get about 3 feet of air off of. i go down the hill, jump that, then i stop because of a street...its not hard to stop if you have good breaks you can get a juicy 5 for about 100 bucks.good hydrolic break, with great breaking power. just pick up one of those and slap it on your front fork.
yeah, especially for tricking, all you really need is a rear brake which will slow you down gradually enough. the stats are there to stay though; the front brake of a bike generates 70% of the stopping power of the bike. if you're comfortable using your front brake to the point where you can slam down on it without unwillingly do an endo or stoppie if you will, I say for the road, just go with one decent brake in the front. I definately think that one great working brake up front is ten thousand times better than two half- working peices of crap which I used to ride. all you'll need is one hand to do the stopping. anyway, I agree that you shouldn't totally take off your brakes, but if you're taking off one, seriously; you'll be fine. go to NYC or any major city and check out the messengers; their bikes can't coast at all and most ride brakeless. or try and spot some hardcore bmxers; lots of those guys ditch their brakes. I think they're completely nuts and there's no reason why they should ditch them other for maybe some more street cred, but it's what they do. whatever, right? riding with one brake is completely safe, honestly, front or rear, but I'd stick the front if you're doing road riding averaging around 18-20 mph in the city. you're not going to want to slam on your stuff and start skidding everywhere.

well, you can ditch your brakes if you have one of those backpedal brake thingies, like I do. But if you don't, I'd keep a brake. At least one.

smaller cassette.

what's that? I'm a car geek, not a bike geek.

yeah, remove the rear brake. Not the front, that one's important.You guys have just been braking too hard. I'd also suggest removing any kind of chain guards, decoration, etc. And if you want to straight up drag race like me, the reflectors.

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