Any ways to make a motorized Blind?

Any ways to make a motorized Blind? Saw someone on instructable made one, but without instructions. I read somewhere, someone mentioned to go SOMFY SYSTEMS INC and read about motor and cord take-up system that fits into the existing blind headrail. But SOMFY SYSTEMS INC mentioned the specs and not on how to do it. Now i am kind of lost. As a beginner, i am only at this stage. This is what i found. 
I need to know what kind of DC motors with what voltage and power, can roll up a blind. Wonder will a 12V DC motor with 30rpm do the trick? Thanks!!!

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dimension_55 (author) 7 years ago
Apologise to those who sent me private messages as i can't get this project to work, due to certain motor voltages and RPM problems which i don't quite understand. So i am stuck here for now. Hate to be a quiter. May the infos here help those who are interested in taking this project further. Thanks all.
Hi, there are blind and shade motors that work with Arduino over at, electric window openers too.
crapflinger8 years ago
i would imagine that you'd want something that turns pretty slow turning motor (30rpm is probably about right)....low torque i'm sure...most of the guts of cheaper blinds are plastic so you wouldn't want to exert too much force

depending on the blinds you've got...the open/close of the louvers should be pretty easy....if it's got the kind with the rod that you twis...then just replace the rod with a motor, you'd probably want to fashion some kind of limit switch for open/close so you don't over crank it on accident

for the up and down of the blind itself (assuming it's like a horizontal blind not those 80's-tastic verticle blinds)...the cord usually turns a gear that turns a rod that lifts the either interfacing directly to the rod that get's turned....or making a belt that would be turned by the motor that would in turn use the existing gearing inside of the curtain to turn the rod should work

also...if you've got the type of blinds that have a cord for the open/close of the louvers...they work in the same way as the up/down cord....the cord turns a rod that moves the a motor to actuate this would work the same way
Maybe a pair of modded servo motors, one to wind the cord up and down (remove the small brake-block), one to rotate the tilt mechanism?
dimension_55 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Thanks! So Servo Motor does the trick too? Yes, I just need to wind the cord up and down. Don't know am i right to do this to copy what he had done in this link. But is something like what this guy had done.  
Seems to be a simpler way to make a motorized blind.
Wondering wether the diagram i found in
a motor with a changeover switch will work. 

 Wow love this site. I get advices from expects in such a short time! I'm really a green horn in electrical engineering. Really appreciates it!
You can modify servos to go round-and-round, instead of round-and-back.

A decent-sized one should be strong enough to do your job.
dimension_55 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Round and round as in in one direction? I need it to rotate in 2 direction for the blind to go up and down. Is this diagram with a changeover switch correct the way to do it? :   

I just been looking at servo motors. Kind of confuse with Output Torque in Nm instead of rpm. I even read about capacitors for motors.... So sorry for my ignorance.... = ( 

Can you suggest to me a motor? 12v dc servos? Output Torque? Don't really want to waste your time explaining to me. Just need the right motor with a changeover switch like the diagram  i found :   

Will this motor works?
(sorry for the links again).

Many thanks.  Geez, i am such a green horn to start with....

Normal servos only turn for part circles - you can modify them to turn full circles and more.

Torque is turning force, not turning speed.  You need torque, not speed for this job.

Will those motors work?  I'm not sure enough to say yes or no.  You need somebody else to give a more expert answer.
dimension_55 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Thanks for your replies anyway. I appreciate them.
Not a problem.  Hope you get a useful answer.
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