Anybody else wish other sites had pop-up photo notes?

Oh man, you know your on instructables to much when you see something highlighted or circled in an image, and mouse over it, hoping for a photo note to pop up explaining why its highlighted. I for one can't stop doing this. I always space out and get really frustrated when nothing pops up until i realize I'm not on instructables. I'm a total addict to this notes, they're so perfect! Just felt like sharing that. Who else compulsively mouses over images like me?

Picture of Anybody else wish other sites had pop-up photo notes?
dchall810 years ago
I felt an compelling urge to do my entire Instructable in photos with mouse-overs. I did not do that because I realize some people like to print some of the text. I guess the techniques they use here keep people coming back instead of simply printing to a PDF.
ewilhelm dchall810 years ago
We're working on a way to nicely print out the multiple images and image notes of an Instructable. I'd like people to be able to take a paper copy into their kitchen, garage, or shop.
westfw10 years ago
I wish I could do it for my own photos, PP slides, even text. I wonder if the author of Irfanview would be interested in implementing some sort of "overlay" function...
Aeshir10 years ago
Lol...must.resist.mousing.over.your.picture! I always do that. It drives me crazy.