Anybody feel like making an Instructables app?

So you guys may know that Instructables no longer supports their apps for either phone platform. This is a pain as many of us like using our phones for the things they look at on the site. Is anyone interested in putting together an Instructables app?

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if i only knew how i would. I can't believe there isn't someone at instructables that can't make an app for the site. Seems like it would be a fairly easy task. We can only hope. If I had a computer I'd give it a go. Take care.

honestly that's the entirety of why I'm making thos post. that way I might be able to find someone who can do it or who will be able to say why its a problem.

Downunder35m10 months ago

Did you consider to just use the browser?
I guess one of the many reasons to abandone the app was that modern phones usually already hires screens and fullsize web browsing.
After all, the app would not do more than redirecting the HTTP/HTTPS to your screen....

jchoneandonly (author)  Downunder35m10 months ago
I'm aware and I've thought of it yes. But usually apps have a little more catering specifically for mobile devices and can tend to make life easier in respect to use. It also is easier to remember to check out your stuff when you have an app as compared to just having it in web browser. And the main reason I'm aware of for abandoning the app was bugs.

Might be true but does not change the fact that it is not really these days to make an app that actually works as intended on all platforms and devices.
You would want the look to be optimised to the capabilities of the device in question, same for features...
I have no real clue about Android or IOS programming but I doubt it would be an easy task and end up in an app of massive size.
Considering devopment costs for such a task comapared to just using a good browser that gives the content optimised for the device already....
Even if you would make it a paid app to cover the costs: Why would anyone pay for it if the browser works for free?
And a free app would need to pester you with pop ups as a free user and most likely as a paid user too at some extend.

Translating the database contents of all that Instructables has to offer to something that can be used through an app with the same ease as the browser is IMHO next to impossible....

jchoneandonly (author)  Downunder35m10 months ago

that may be true. but that said it may be fairly simple as well. pretty much every app experience ive used for a site (facebook, tumblr, etc.) have been far better than the same site on a browser (this includes the PC browser) obviously I'm not sure about the implications involving making an app and therefore obviously I don't know what the challenged involved include. but in my experience ive noticed that a decent app almost always does better than just about any browser experience. that's why I'm asking about an app in hopes of learning about the challenges and so forth. as for expense, I'm not going to deny that at all. as I said I don't know the challenges involved. thank you for the input.

If you have any suggestions for improving the mobile website for smartphones, send an email to

I've sent many suggestions for improvement and they're on the way... :)

jchoneandonly (author)  Yonatan2410 months ago

that's definitely a thought