Anybody interested in building HHO generators?

I'm keen on starting a serious discussion group of folks who share my enthusiasm for HHO alternative fuel generators. Thus far there's only been one Instructable (Serge) and loads of YouTube videos, but most other sites either want to sell you plans or sell you a retail device. I'd like to start a club of sorts with folks who want to 'roll their own' but perhaps lack some of the electronics or other material fabrication techniques. We could help each other design & build stuff (like an hho generator for you car) and then post the how-to's here on Instructables. Anybody interested?

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MY (author) 2 years ago
DavidN712 years ago

Using H2 and O2 as a fuel additive in modern automobile engines doesn't work. The US EPA regulates tailpipe emissions, so modern computerized ICE's are designed to operate in a way that limits NOx and CO emissions. That means lowered compression ratios and fuel with alcohol in it and a computer that adjusts valve and ignition timing if you try to go around those limits.

Adding H2 to fuel changes the way the fuel burns, but with lowered compression ratios, you can't take advantage of it. racing engines have high compression and water added to the fuel. Water absorbs infrared well, so heat from burning fuel is captured by the added water into expanding vapor instead of being transferred to the piston head and cylinder walls.

Higher flame temps mean better thermal efficiency but also more NOx production, so that is prevented in a modern car engine by design.

The basic design limitation of a reciprocating piston ICE is that the burning fuel wave front cannot match the moving piston head except at one RPM. Either the burning wavefront lags the piston or it overruns the piston (knocking and pinging).

The best efficiency using expanding gas to drive a machine is adiabatic.

This is impossible in a reciprocating piston ICE. If you get 15-20% out you have done well.

People who pursue electrolysis of water for car engine modifications are pursuing junk science.

nuraidai2 years ago

no thanx

MY (author) 3 years ago

The Wright Brothers did not give a flip about "peer reviewed" research. That's the problem with eggheads...they rail against things they do not fully comprehend, and then once it's proven they act like it's always been known. This thread has always haunted by a troll. It must REALLY drive him nuts that SO many HHO Instructables have been posted.

asolo'man4 years ago
We are building home units here in Ontario and have a good link to a canadian based manufacturer. Any one interested in the area should link with me. We are aiming to go 100% with anything that has to do with Tesla or free energy. So must you.
By "free", do you mean "costs no money", or "you get more back than you put in"?
At this point in time, free as in you will receive rebates from your federal government if it is a koyoto protocol signatory. In the long run, all of Tesla's inventions and/or discoveries where made to be free and liberate mankind from their involuntary servitude.
Ah, just checking you hadn't fallen for any of the woowoo about so-called "HHO"* generators being capable of overunity.

(The gases are perfectly ordinary H2 and O2, not monatomic gases.)
Definetley will not stop at HHO. Please check out the work of Eric Dollard. I have great respect for the work this man is putting together.
The same Dollard that thinks that electricty isn't a flow of charged particles, and that it flows through the insulator around the wire, instead of the metal of the wire?

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