Anybody know the Melting point of K'nex?

This probably looks like a really strange thing to ask, but I need to know what kind of temperature K'nex can endure before it softens and/or looses shape. 

I am building something which will need to be able to withstand hot water/steam splashing onto it (but not  submerged in it), as well as being near a considerable heat source. 
I've look for what they are made of, but nothing has come up, though I presume they are made of a mix of low-to-mid-temperature polymers with a  high toughness. 

Don't get any mad ideas!!!

Image is from Bartboy's candle rocker. 

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innovanna5 years ago
Haha this might be out of the blue but i was actually thinking about making my own molds so i can create all the modified pices i want. This might solve alot of problems
lemonie5 years ago
I believe that it's this stuff.

TheFoofinator (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Thanks, a bit of Aluminium foil should help a bit with shielding it :)