Anyone else get spammed this morning?

I had to wake up to this flattering and grammatically incorrect message this morning from "loversday": "How are you doing over dear i hope you are having nice time over dear, Well my name is Shulamighty Sane Thieck am 24yrs old, Am nice looking, pretty, sexy and social,Am in search of somone who understands Love as trust and faith rather seeing it as a way of fun but a matured person with good scence of humor. well i came across your profile at the Site then after reading your profile i derive interest on you, i believe i can rull my world together with you,please also have in mind that the distance dont matter what matter's is love beleive me,please awaiting to hear from you so i can send my pic to you for further introductions, kisses with love Shula Sane." Sigh... when will the spam end?

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tech-king10 years ago
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i didn't get one. i still haven't gotten a single pm. not even from ewhilem on how to make a good instructable.
cue theatrical sobbing
It looks like you signed up for an account during the transition between when I was welcoming people and when I turned it over to the robot. So, welcome!
I...never got anyone...

Well, GorillazMiko welcomed me but...he's not official.
W00T! I got welcomed by you, I'm so special...
I've been looking at other people's orangeboard and I seem to be the only one who's "been around awhile, and you never said hello" I must be uber special...
Ahaha, obviously you didn't check mine :D
=[I'm not special... *runs into corner and cries*]
You guys are lucky... I was never welcomed. Haha, but this is still the best website ever! :-)
Did you personally go and send each person a pm, or did it automatically get sent to each new member?
T3h_Muffinator (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
He used to have to do it manually, I think.
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