Anyone else live in an apartment with terrible neighbors?

Let's whine about it together, shall we?

The man living next to me seems quite nice whenever I see him outside his apartment. He was dating someone (I had seen them together a few times), and I'm guessing they broke up recently, since all I hear coming from his apartment now is him screaming on the phone.

They basically just call eachother and scream and try their hardest to hurt the other person. What is even the point? Why not just hang up? I don't really understand.

So for the last hour all I've heard is a mixture of the following:
"You're scandalous! I know all about you!"
"You're never gonna give a man a baby! You're never gonna have a baby!"
"i never want you to call here again!"
"Stop calling me, Chantrell!"
"YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING! And obviously I'm everything cause you're calling me all the time!"


I think I'm going to have to move into the kitchen or living room. I can't type my paper with all the screaming, and he keeps scaring the hell out of me when he starts screaming. :|

But if I move into the living room, chances are that I'll hear the drunken rednecks when they come home. Yay!

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chaoscampbell10 years ago
I once lived in Satan Appartment building. one night I heard this girl in th appartment next door start getting loud shouting "I told you $100, 50 isn't enough $100 or get out!" so at this point I can only guess whats going on......thigs got quiet for a bit then I hear her screaming "No No get off me, get out!! get away from me!!" (I'd only lived in the building about a week at that point) so I kicked her door in sure enough I see some douche bag trying to rape a hooker, nice first week. A few days later my landlord comes to my door screaming at me that I owe him 5 months past due rent (I've lived there for about 3 weeks total at this point) he was completly hammerd drunk I had to call his wife and drive him home. a couple days after that I wake up to hear loud thuds coming from the hallway.... I open my door to see a guy swinging an axe at the neigbour accross the halls door screaming "you wanna piss under my door bitch, you think thats funny. how funny is it now bitch huh? how funny is it gonna be when I cut your dick off with my axe" well I started laughing my ass off....(it was scary but that shoking you have to laugh scary type thing) I ended up takling him to the ground (after calling the police, this all takes place prior to my employment with them) after that it was about 3 or 4 months worth of breaking up domestic arguments and screaming matches until valentines day 2004 at 3am I was working night shifts as security at the local casino and it was my night off..... i'm sitting around playing video games when I hear the fire alarm....(usual occurance in the building) well I decide to check it out, my hallway is pretty clear but i was bored so i decided to walk up to the third floor to make sure....... sure enough when I get to the third (top) floor I can't see a thing the hallways were full of thick black smoke. I ran around the entire build hammerering on doors trying to get everyone out (the alarms went off so often most people didn't even check, if ya wanna see something commical pound on all your niegbours doors on valentines day and tell them the builing is on fire...... the speed of the people running almost matched the leopard print underware...... it was like an african jungle forest fire in some twisted si-fi movie) I finally found the appartment on fire, some crack head took some hits on his pipe started cooking beef and passed out. I moved out february 15th that was an interesting few months.
You just haven't lived until you experience bullets flying through your travel trailer or gone out to go to work and have some jerk empty a revolver at you because he thinks you are the one who is seeing his former girl friend. Oddly it was sort of fun. But at times those puddles of blood were shocking.
I can see both points of view here because I had an awful neighbour recently until i moved and he was a chiropractor and apart from music general banging on stuff and his phones awful ringtones he made a point of having the headboard bang against the wall every night his girlfriend was round... I also have an ex (recent break up) who is a lunatic and it can be quite hard to ignore the phone or not shout at them, especially if htey're drunk or you're drunk or they're stalking you... The ways to deal with annoying neighbours usually means banging back louder or hitting them for me but you could always try setting him up with someone to see if his temper improves when he's not being annoyed by an ex...
i found an even better way to deal with my neibour, who thankfully is moving away: every time he has an open house, i act as weird and eccentric as possible. i set up my dremel and start cutting my case for some computer mod, i argue loudly with my dad about digging a six foot deadfall trap in our lawn (actually, i want to try geothermic cooling) i work on some wood working project (seeing as my projects go to my basement lab, they are pretty ugly looking), i cut metal with my scroll saw and rotary grinder (this makes a high pitch screeching sound) and i use the siren circut i made for the science fair.
LOL, that's awesome. All my neighbors/apartment building are pretty mellow, but I'll be moving soon :)
it works well. try selling a house with an insane neighbour with a talking labcoat
he made a point of having the headboard bang against the wall every night his girlfriend was round...

At one time we had apt dwellers above us that liked to use the shower as a couple, and they loved to let the window open screech like banshees to let everyone on the block know what they were up advantage to living "below" them however was we could control the "hot water" by just turning it on....gave them something to screech about.
Another great revenge is to fight fire with fire, or failing that have wild house parties every night of the week for two weeks, ones that include fires, howling and filthy acts in the garden oh and make sure at least twenty beer bottles a day land in the nieghbours garden, they moved out soon after this and mowing the whole massive lawn with a petrol strimmer at half 5 in the morning. Final straw was wood chopping from 1am to 3am in summer, think really dry wood and 7lb axe - result being explosions of wood every where and a massive crack like gunshots in the night...
This would not be, um, practical in the city LOL
no not really but you could start tinkering with your car or lawnmower and put a massive exhaust on it, or buy a scooter and insist on driving it up to your apartment via the lift (make sure you have enough air to get you to your floor though), a massive sub and a sound generator porgram goes a long way too... especially if you can generate sound below 20hz, that way the people can only feel the sound but not hear it, earthquakes that dont exist are quite funny sometimes...
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